Service Dogs that do not complete training are available for adoption Professional Pet sitting Etc

Service Dogs that do not complete training are available for adoption
Professional Pet sitting Etc

Dog Facts You Probably Do Not Know!

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We all know dogs are loyal, intelligent, adorable and loving, but there is so much more about our best friends that you probably didn’t know. Take a look at these undeniably impressive dog facts and test your knowledge about your four-legged friend.


  1. Dogs are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures, can mentally count up to the number five, and they can perform simple mathematical calculations. In a match of wits, your dog is as intelligent as a two-year old child.


  1. Service dogs are becoming more and more common and available these days, specifically trained to provide assistance to people with disabilities. These dogs know when they are on the clock – when their harness is on, they know it’s time for business, and when it’s off, they recognize that it’s play time and let their playful doggy nature kick in.


  1. It’s a well-known fact that dogs have a phenomenal sense of smell that is 100,000 times that of a human, but did you know the moist leathery surface of a dog’s nose determines the direction of air currents, helping them identify from which direction a scent is coming?


  1. Dogs don’t enjoy hugs as much as humans and primates. A canine’s instinctive nature tells him another animal’s limb around him is a sign of dominance, and we all know how our dogs like to be the boss!


  1. Seeing eye dogs are trained to poop and pee on command, and males are taught to go without lifting a leg. The common command used is “get busy,” and the dogs will pace back and forth until they do their business.


  1. Dogs, on average, can exert 320 pounds of pressure with their bite, compared to a human’s rather wimpy 120 pounds of bite pressure.


  1. Surely you’ve witnessed Fido twitching in his sleep, or moving his legs as if he’s chasing a rabbit in his dream. Well, as it turns out, dogs have the same brain wave patterns while they are asleep as humans, so they dream just like you and me. Small dogs tend to have more dreams than larger dogs.


  1. Studies have shown dogs are capable of perceiving frequencies about twice that of a normal human and can pick up and distinguish sounds roughly four times that of a human. This means dogs can hear many sounds on frequencies that humans cannot even begin to detect, and what a human can hear at 20 feet a dog can hear at roughly 80 feet.


  1. A dog’s brain releases oxytocin – the love hormone – when he interacts with humans and other dogs, just the same as a human brain does when we hug or kiss. They don’t call it puppy love for nothing!


  1. Your dog’s nose print is as unique as your fingerprint. The combination of ridges and creases is so distinct it can be used to identify your pup.


The abilities and characteristics of our canine companions never cease to amaze. Hopefully these facts have left you with an even greater respect for all that dogs can do!



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