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In the 1998, I was outside in my back yard in New Hampshire, enjoying the sunshine, when I heard a faint meow.  I looked up towards my house and there sat my Ricky kitty in the window.  He was looking down at me wanting to join me.  I went inside and brought him out with me and he immediately started to explore.  I was a little nervous because all of my kitties are inside kitties  for their safety.  Way too many things can happen to cats that are left outside unsupervised.  Our area in southern Nashua, has many fishers, coyotes, foxes not to mention cars, neighbors who may not want cats in their yard and kids who may think its funny to throw rocks at cats or harm them in other ways that I do not want to think about.  How could I keep my cats safe outside in my yard?

So, I started to research, ways to let my kitties outside, to run, play, sunbathe and chase butterflies.  After all isn’t that what we all want, to give our pets the best life we can?  I found a variety of items, but the one that caught my eye was a product called Cat Fence In.  It could easily be attached to my existing 4 foot chain link fence.  It had arms that came up one foot and into my yard another foot.  Then a netting was attached.  The netting was heavier then bird netting but not as heavy as deer block.  It was flimsy enough to not support a cats weight or be able to be climbed upon.  I measured the length of my fence and ordered.  When it arrived, it took my daughter and I about a weekend to completely attach and secure it to the entire fence.

I was excited to let my 8 furballs outside!! They were only allowed out the basement door .  I did not want them used to going out the upstairs doors, so that whenever a door was open, I did not want them to take the opportunity to run out.  I never had a problem by doing this.  They slowly explored my entire yard.  Everyone was happy and content, running, playing and sunbathing.  I only had one, challenge the fence.  My Desilu found a few places that the band on the bottom of the netting was not secured to my fence.  I fixed those and she was happy to just enjoy being out.

I would not recommend this system to owners of feral cats or cats that are used to being outside and figuring how to get out of situations.  For cats that are used to being inside and being contained, this system worked well for me.  I was at that house for about 10 years.

When I moved to a larger house and huge yard.  I had a 6 foot fence installed.  I decided to see what my cats would do with out any fencing at the top.  As I thought, they were all very content and never challenged the fence at all, not even Desilu.

Felice and Linus

The challenge came when I had rescued 10 day old abandoned kittens, Linus and Felice. When old enough, they were introduced to the yard.  Linus was like everyone else, just happy to be out, running and playing.  Not Felice.  She was so busy figuring things out in her very smart little Tonkinese brain.  She would have a great time when we were all outside, but if I had to run in the house to get the phone by the time I was outside, she was up and out.  She would wait until she knew I wasn’t watching!!  That’s a Tonkinese, toooo smart for their own good.

I did not want to buy a whole new system for my yard that was 6 times larger, so I opted for an Electric Cat Fence by Pet Safe.  Even though it states that is is in ground, this can be attached to your existing fence keeping the digging to a minimum.  I installed it and collared Miss Felice up.  I was in the process of reading the instructions to see what I needed to do for training and she trained herself.  She went over to the fence, it beeped, she ignored and seconds later a tiny zap.  She jumped.  She then proceeded to go around the entire perimeter, slowly, got the beep, backed away, repeat until she was satisfied that she could not get to the fence (it was set to about one foot from the fence).  Yup, that’s my Felice.  I have to be careful and make sure the battery is good because she will test it every day.  If it doesn’t beep, up and over she goes.  All animals learn from one another and you would think that my other cats would try this as well but they do not.  I have 9 cats total and the other 8 are very happy having fun everyday in my yard filled with fence trained cats!!

I would not recommend using the electric cat fence without an existing fence.  I am not a fan of invisible fence for any animal left unsupervised.  Too many animals can bolt out for many reasons (scared, something chasing it, they are chasing something, etc) and then they can not get back in.  Other animals and people can come into the yard and cause problems with your pet, etc.  If you choose invisible fencing alone, please never leave your pet unsupervised.  If you do have a fence and use either the electric or netting, that would work best for cats.  I still wouldn’t leave them unsupervised for long, just short periods of time.  I know, I’m a Mom who worries!!

Felice wearing her electric collar

Felice wearing her electric collar

If you would like to try either one of these products and need help with installation, please let me know.  We may have someone who can help.










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