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8 Tips to Keep Your

Senior Cat

Healthy & Happy

Author, Noelle Dunn, for Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


According to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), our beloved

Cats are considered elders when they reach ten years.  Once they hit the age of thirteen, they are considered geriatric.  Below are a few guidelines that will assist you with helping them stay healthy as well as happy during this time of their lives.


  1. Grooming (often)

~ Seniors tend to reduce the amount of time they spend grooming when they reach this time of their lives.  This is where you, the caretaker, step in.  Implement a daily grooming ritual.  It will keep the hair balls at bay.

~ Grooming your cat will also create some bonding time. These are memories that you will have when you pet is no longer with you.

~ Daily grooming also allows you to keep an eye on his body.  Check his skin and fur for flakes and his body for lumps and tender spots.


  1. Playtime

~ Keep your cat active & involved.  He may not be able to move the way he had in the past.  This could cause him to become depressed and feel isolated.  Keep

him active and keep his interaction with you flowing.

~ Keeping him active will also help keep his bones and muscles stay flexible and strong.


  1. Dental

~ As we know, cats are experts at masking pain and discomfort.  It is extremely important that you maintain your cat’s dental health.  Good dental hygiene allows him to eat better, thereby maintaining good weight – which is tough for a senior.   Dental disease can lead to other serious illnesses so, keep that in mind.


  1. Keep Your Cat Warm

~ Senior pets are more sensitive to the cold.  Keep a heating pad or a nice

warm, cozy bed at available to your cat.  You might even consider putting a bed upstairs and downstairs if you have a large home.


  1. Buy some steps

~ As our cats age, jumping becomes much harder for them.  Not being able to access sites that they once did with no problems can make them feel isolated and depressed.  Provide your cat with steps so he can move about with ease.


  1. Diet

~ Talk to your vet about Senior diets & food supplements for your aging cat.  Just like humans, a cat’s diet and nutritional needs must change as he ages.


7.         Keep your Cat Hydrated

~ Always provide your senior with plenty of fresh, clean water.  This is very important to your cats kidney function and over- all health as he ages. You can even keep it interesting.   Cats enjoy things that move, try providing them with a cat fountain to drink from.


  1. Vet Visits

~ As our pets age, it is very important to ensure they are going to the vet for at least two check – ups a year.   Proper medical attention for your senior cat is imperative in keeping him healthy and happy as enters the sunset of his life.  As with any medical ailments, if caught early the prognosis is always better.



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