Once you use a Professional Pet Sitting Company for your Pets, You will be amazed at how easy and stress free it really is for you and your Pets

 Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


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If you have never enjoyed the Benefits and Advantages of using a Professional Pet Sitting company,

Here’s what you can expect:


Advantages For Your Pet Include:

  • In your home, your pet remains in his or her secure environment, where all the sights, smells and sounds are familiar.
  • In your home, your pet follows his or her customary diet and exercise routine. Some pets get very depressed and may stop eating in a pet care facility
  • Your pet is not traumatized by travel in a vehicle.
  • In your home, your pet is not exposed to other animals, diseases, fleas, ticks and other parasites. Most pet care facilities do their best to keep things at bay, however, it only takes one infected pet to spread it from pet to pet in close quarters.
  • In your home, your pet is not traumatized from other pets trying to fight with them (pets can go home with cuts, scrapes and bites) in a group environment at a pet care facility. Some pets become aggressive with other pets when they go home.
  • Your pet will be less stressed left at home.
  • Your pet will stay happy left at home. Some pets will come home with diarrhea, anxiety, destructive chewing, and other behavioral problems after being in a pet care facility.
  • In your home, your pet will not regress in housebreaking. When pets are at pet care facilities, they are allowed to go to the bathroom where ever, whenever they want. Sometimes, these pets think it is okay to do at home also.
  • Your pet will be happy in his/her home rather than in a cold, lonely environment away from home.
  • Pets in their own home, do very well alone when you are away. Most pets are home alone while you are at work and at night when everyone is sleeping. We do recommend a visit in the middle of your work day and three (or 4) visits per day while you are away.
  • Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal ONE ON ONE attention while you are away, whereas in a pet care facility it could be up to 25 dogs to one person (in some cases 25+ ).
  • Your pet will not have to spend extra time away from home, due to the pet care facility being closed on a Sunday or a holiday.
  • Shy pets, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets do better in their own home environment rather than in a pet care facility.


  Benefits For You Include:

  • SAVE GAS – we come to your home.
  • SAVE MONEY – in multi-pet households, our prices will be less expensive than a pet care facility. You do not have to pay for extra days if you come home on a Sunday or holiday when pet care facilities are closed (your pet will be there when you arrive home no matter what time, even 3am!!).
  • SAVE TIME – no need to take time out of your already busy day to drop off your pets or pick them up.
  • As a registered client of a Professional Pet Sitting company, we will always cover you if you ever became hospitalized, have a family emergency or a death in your family. We will start pet care just as soon as possible.
  • You are not inconvenienced (or traumatized!) by transporting your pet.
  • You are not stressed having to drop off or pick up your pet in certain time periods. You will pay extra if you are late to pick up at a pet care facility.
  • You do not have to impose upon a friend, neighbor or relative when you use our service.
  • Your home is looked after as well, since most pet sitters provide crime deterrence.
  • You can leave home worry-free, knowing your pet is in good hands.
  • Once you are a registered client with a Professional Pet Sitting Company, You will NEVER have to worry about finding another pet sitter if they move away, if they come down with the flu, if they have a death in the family, if their car doesn’t start, if they need to have a full time job, etc. Professional Pet Sitting has 38+ pet sitters on staff.
  • SAVE TIME – Also you will never have to spend extra time checking on another pet sitter, pet sitting company (or every independent contractor). If you can not use a Professional Pet Sitting Company for any reason (maybe there is not one in your area), you should check police background, bonding, insurance and references yourself. A good Professional Pet Sitting Company will do all of the above for you on all employees, to keep you and your pets SAFE. Remember that if you check the pet sitting company and this company uses independent contractors, not employees, you MUST check out both, the company AND the Independent Contractor assigned to care for your pets.
  • When using a Professional Pet Sitting Company, you can return home at any time of the day or night and find your healthy, happy pet eagerly waiting to greet you.

All in all, the majority of pets do much better in their own home, with a pet sitting service making visits. The pets that do not do well at home while you are at work, obviously will not do well when you go away. Aggressive pets are also not a good candidate for pet sitting. For a list of dogs that do well for pet sitting, Check out Why Your dog needs a Mid Day Break in the Middle of your Work day.

If you feel guilty placing your pet in a pet care facility, as is with the majority of us, do you and your pet a favor and leave them home with a Professional Pet Sitter!




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Professional Pet Sitting Etc. is a leading business in the pet care field and continues to grow since 1990.  It boasts 30+ amazing pet sitters on staff, over 3000 clients in 38 cities from Nashua to Concord, NH.  Hundreds of satisfied client testimonials can be found on their website and more 5 star reviews on their Facebook pageGoogle+ page and more.  They have sustained an A+ rating with the BBB and are unmatched in the Pet Sitting Industry in New Hampshire.

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