We are VERY Happy to Announce that we are EXPANDING!!
Our 30th year in business and we will be GOING BIG!
We started our building journey, with education…..ALOT of education and research, in 2005 to 2008.  We got far but by the time we were ready with building and floor plans, etc.  the economy took a deep dive for the next decade or so. Our dream was put on hold.
The time seemed right to start thinking about our dream again in 2018.  We worked non-stop for the past 2 years.  Researching, looking for buildings, having many buildings not be in the right area, right zoning, not approved by towns, and lots more discouraging hurdles.  
Then we found the right building, in the right area, in the right town, SBA approved In January 2020 and closed May 14th!
We are EXCITED to be moving into our amazing 13,000+ sf building with 3000+ outside play area!
We are located at 257 Daniel Webster Highway, Merrimack, NH
Formerly Fallon’s Furniture
Along with all of our current services, of pet sitting, dog walking, feline fun time, overnights, pooper scooping, litterbox maintenance, house checks and more,
We will be adding new services
Boarding (cats and small animals too)
and soooo much more.
Going our Facebook Page to see pictures as we go through this process.
We are making all the adjustments inside and outside of the building to be amazing!!
We are hoping to be ready to OPEN in Summer.
We will be doing specialized daycare and will only have a LIMITED number of openings.  We are starting our list now if you want your pups to have an elite experience with us!  We will also be able to mix up our daycare and dog walking services, so you can do one day with daycare and the next with one on one dog walking.
Our current registered Professional Pet Sitting Etc. clients will have first priority to sign up for services.  
So if you do not currently have a Professional Pet Sitting Etc. profile completed with us, do that NOW.  
This will give YOU priority to be considered for our Daycare list.
Please let us know what you would like to see in services or pet care needs.
What kinds of pet food, toys or items would you like to see?
We can not WAIT to open and give you even more reasons to LOVE us!!
Plus, we will be able to meet all of you and see those amazing pets even more.
THANK YOU to my Dream Team
Also a HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa Ferrari of Prolman Realty
Without Lisa’s hard work, this project may not have happened.  
Lisa was indispensable.
Also a Dream Team Thank You goes to 
Mark Prolman of Prolman Real Estate 
Andy Prolman of Prunier and Prolman Law
So many hurdles we all had to jump!!
Thank you everyone,
Dori and Rachelle
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