Be Cautious of Pet Sitting Listing Sites

Be Cautious of Pet Sitting Listing Sites

Read This Before Choosing A Pet Sitter

on Listing Sites

Listing sites are starting to pop up all over and have only been around for the last 5 years or so.

BE VERY CAUTIOUS using a listing site for pet care.

Also many listing sites mix up pet sitting and boarding.

Pet Sitting is a service that will come to the pets’ home for care,

Boarding is a service that provides care when the pets are brought to a place to be cared for


What is a listing site? 

A listing site allows you to put in the city and state, where you live to give you a list of people to help with something, such as a ride, home cleaning or in the past few years – pet care.

Some listing sites are Uber , B2B, Care, Sittercity,

Pet Care Listing sites are – Rover, Wag, Dogvacay, etc.


But I use Uber and they are good

That is true but you are only using them for a ride somewhere.  That may only be for 15 minutes or maybe an hour.  You are with them the entire time.

Would you trust that person with the keys to your home or the care of your pets?

Would you trust them in your house? for an hour or a week?

THAT is what you are doing with any of these Listing Sites that you find a pet care person.


Professional Pet Care businesses

refer to listing sites as the Craigslist

for pet care and warn people to stay FAR away.  


These listing sites are NOT supporting your local companies.

You are supporting these listing sites that are located out of your local community and making money off these people.  You can also look for where this listing company is based out of.

Just google “where is (name) business location)” or look for a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Business Profile.

Unfortunately, these listing sites are not experts in their fields.

They are looking for easy ways to make money and are doing just that ! Making ALOT of money on YOU.  There are many lawsuits against all listing sites mentioned and as long as they make money, they will continue and there will be more lawsuits.  I do not want you to be one of them.


Why should you be so cautious

because you are literally handing over your pet’s life and your entire house to these people.  It is a bit different then grabbing a ride (although, some people have been harmed with an Uber driver). YOUR PETS” SAFETY is a major concern.  Does that mean that all people on these sites are bad, absolutely not.  I am sure that many are trying to do the right thing


Don’t believe me? 

Please Google lawsuits and Rover or Wag and Dead Dog.

Here is a few articles –

Rover Won’t Reveal how Many Dogs Have Died 

A Blind Dog Left with a Rover Sitter


There is even a FB group titled –

My Dog was Killed by a Rover Sitter

Join the group and read posts or ask questions.


Why do people like them?

These sites have billions of dollars to help curb the negativity and many people do not know.

The appeal of these sites are they are EASY and CHEAP. If you do not care much about pet care or safety and want cheap and easy, then these sites are for you.

Many of these listing sites have apps to make it super easy to book a reservation and these apps appeal to the younger generation. These sites are similar to craigslist but some claim they will protect you.  Really, all they are is a place for people to advertise services easily.

These sites take a person’s word that they are legal and insured but almost all are not and almost all do not pay taxes.

These sites are NOT pet care businesses, they are just a site to list people who pay to be ON their site.  The site makes their money by keeping a percentage from each reservation.

These sites are NOT checking these people, many providers do not pay taxes or have any insurances.  This is how they can provide cheap pet care.  If you prefer to use a listing site, please be VERY careful.

Really make sure that the person you choose is thoroughly checked out and make sure that you check up so that your pet receives the proper care.  Again, I am sure there are a few people on there that may be great and are ethical, but please, make sure to really check them out.

But, then again, why worry, just do not use these sites.

Here are some things to really be looking for to help keep you and your pets SAFE –

What to Look for in a Pet Sitting Company


We advise to always check companies out or you are welcome to come check us out, if you are in our service area.

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  Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


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