Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Celebrations

at the Animal Center

We LOVE celebrating Birthdays with all the pups!!!

It makes them feel SPECIAL!!

We have been asked if we can make some packages because it is hard when you work all day to help plan a Birthday Celebration.

We have come up with a few helpful Ideas.

First, let’s get the reserving stuff out of the way

  • Scheduling the Celebration
    • If you are planning on doing any birthday, please give us as much notice as possible (a month would be fantastic, 14 day minimum). We have every day planned, so in order to fit in a Birthday celebration, we will need to move things around.  Especially if you want it on a specific day.  It will be easier if you do not mind the celebration any day of their birthday week.
  • NO FRIDAY Celebrations, sorry
  • Cancellation of Celebration
    • Once your pup’s birthday celebration is booked in, make sure to give us a cancellation notice of at least 14 days. We will need to plan another activity for that day, so the dogs do not lose out.


You have OPTIONS.  

You can choose more then ONE Option.  Some people have chosen Option 1, 2 AND 3



FREE Birthday FUN

Pet Parents supply all the Birthday Treats.

      • This is a treat only celebration
      • Bringing Treats for the celebration
        • Pet parents bringing treats for the celebration can be homemade or store bought
        • Ask how many dogs will be attending the day you have reserved, then add 2or 3 for any changes in attendance.
        • Ask if any dogs have allergies that day
      • All dogs attending on your scheduled day will celebrate with your dog
      • All attendees will be given treats that you bring
      • Pictures of all the dogs enjoying your dog’s special day will be posted in our Facebook group for all to enjoy


Want MORE?  Don’t Have Time?

Want us to plan the day!! We can do that!

We can save you time and gas!!


Birthday Celebration – Cost $25

    • Backdrops, decorations and song are optional- you can bring your own or we can choose from what we have here.
    • If you have no choices, we do not have to include them.
    • We can do treats only and all the dogs will be very happy!! Including the Birthday Dog!
      • Backdrop (optional)
        • We can choose a fun banner or backdrop for pictures or bring your own
      • Decorations (optional)
        • We can choose other birthday decorations from our collection for pictures or bring your own
      • Play Happy Birthday Song (optional)
        • You can choose a song for us to play while everyone is eating their special Birthday Treats
          • Choice of regular Happy Birthday or sung by barking dogs, or sung by Elvis, Beatles, the Chipmunks, the Minions,
      • Choice of Treats
        • Pupicinnos
        • Gourmet Treats we have in house
        • Note that these treats will not be included if you also choose Option 3

Want More of a SPECIAL Treat

for your Pup’s Special Day?


Birthday BASH – Cost $25 plus treat cost below

We will include Option 2 AND the treats of your choice below

We can make sure to have the Special Treat of your choice for all attendees and save you time by picking them up or making them for you.

Purchased Treats – 

      • Hot Dog Delight
        • $15 (for 24 or less dogs, more dogs will increase price)
      • Shredded Cheese Fun Cup
        • $15 (for 24 or less dogs, more dogs will increase price)
      • Frosty Paws Peanut Butter Treats
        • $30 (for 24 or less dogs, more dogs will increase price)
      • Ben Jerry’s Frozen Treats
        • $65(for 24 or less dogs, more dogs will increase price)
      • K9 Eclairs (made fresh to order – needs to be shipped – 45 day notice)
        • $75(for 24 or less dogs, more dogs will increase price)
      • K9 Donuts (made fresh to order, needs to be shipped – 45 day notice)
        • $100(for 24 or less dogs, more dogs will increase price)


Now all you have to do is let us know what you would like to do for your



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