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What if I am Late


First, let me say our office staff are amazing and put in LONG days, generally 630am – 6pm.

They also may have pet sitting visits scheduled before and after work at the Center and have families to get home to.

Employees MUST leave by 6pm at the latest.

We expect all clients to be exceptionally courteous to them

We absolutely LOVE our clients and pets in our care

However, To run our business efficiently, we must have rules and boundaries.

When rules and boundaries are not followed, then efficiency breaks down

One rule is our office staff must be in the building to accept and release animals.

If there are only kennel/cleaning staff in the building, they can not unlock the door for anyone.

Kennel/Cleaning staff can not accept a pet into the building and can not release a pet to any one.



  • As an owner, you are responsible for contacting us via voice message and email for last minute changes to pickup or drop off times.
  • We do NOT accept NEW reservations or Cancellations via in person, email, phone message, you MUST do those on your online profile
  • If for any reason, you are unable to contact us, it is your responsibility to have your designated emergency people contact us via voice message and email to let us know of any time changes.
    • Why both voice message & email?
    • To ensure we receive your message. Sometimes email does not go through right away and
    • sometimes voice messages are garbled.
    • Two messages ensure we get your message



  • Just like childcare, you NEED to have a Plan B & C in place for your pet, if you are unavailable for any reason.
  • If you do not have this is place, NOW is the time to set things up.
  • Emergency people MUST be on your profile for us to accept or release your pet
  • These people will be responsible for your pet if you can not be.
  • They should be able to pick up your pet if needed.
  • TWO emergency people are required.



Be courteous and contact us via voice message & email, as soon as you know.

If you are going to need to drop off/pick up at a different time then your scheduled time and

it is still within 630am – 545pm,    it will be fine.

Letting us know helps so we are not getting ready to accept your pet or your pet is not waiting for you in the Lobby.


Be courteous and contact us via voice message & email, as soon as you know.

If you call and email us that you are going to arrive at 610pm, we can stay for you.

Keep in mind –

  • Last scheduled pick up time is 545pm
  • Picking up after 6pm
    • We will do this for you one time
    • Second time, there will be a late pick up charge
    • Third time will need to board with fees involved


  • Contact us immediately via phone & email.
  • If you are unable to do this, you must have your emergency people contact us.
  • You are responsible for getting us information
  • You or your emergency people must let us know
    • what is happening,
    • who will be picking up
    • at what time during our hours will your pet be picked up



  • Contact us immediately via phone & email.
  • Let us know why your pet can not be picked up by you or your emergency people
  • See below for boarding



Only if we have an opening.

You will need to contact us immediately via phone & email BEFORE 530pm, to make arrangements and get a confirmation.

However, if we can NOT board your pet, you will need to make arrangements to pick up before we close.

  • For boarding, your credit card will be charged –
    • emergency boarding fee
    • deluxe boarding fee (regardless where your dog stays)
    • food charge
    • any surcharges



  • If we do NOT hear from you or your emergency person and your pet is still with us by 6pm during the week,
  • We will –
    • Set up a boarding place for overnight
    • Your credit card will be charged (see fee schedule)
      • a late pick up fee,
      • emergency boarding fee
      • deluxe boarding fee (regardless where your dog stays)
      • food charge
      • any surcharges
    • lock doors and employees will leave.
    • We will do the above
    • all charges will be double
    • Once the pet is picked up your file will be made inactive



If this is a Friday night, and we have not heard from you by 6pm and your pet is now boarding –

To pick up on Saturday between 10-12pm, we MUST hear from you before 7pm Friday night

There is NO pick up on Sunday

If we do not hear from you by 7pm, you will need to make arrangements to pick up on Monday

If we do not hear from you before 7pm Friday night,

  • Your credit card will be charged the following for every night starting Friday – Monday
    • a late pick up fee
    • emergency boarding fee
    • deluxe boarding fee (regardless where your dog stays)
    • food charge
    • any surcharges



If your credit card is declined, you will not be able to pick up your pet until your account is paid in full via CASH plus a credit card denial fee


If we do not hear from you or your emergency people in 24 hours, your pet will be marked ABANDONED.

You will still be charged all fees mentioned for each night we do not hear from you.

At day 7 of NO contact from you, your pet will be placed in the custody of the Animal Shelter

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Overnight Person for Boarding at the Animal Care Center of NH

Over the years, we have listened to clients and try to give choices, whenever we can.

Many clients have told us that boarding facilities in our area,  do NOT have anyone in the building overnight while pets are boarding.

We have found, some clients absolutely want someone in the Animal Center building Overnight when their pets are staying and others are okay if no one is here overnight, since pets just sleep.
This is the same with in your home pet care with our other business, Professional Pet Sitting Etc..  Most people are fine with their pets at home at night without an overnight person.

The majority of people we asked were fine without an overnight person no matter what service they are using.

In light of this finding, we decided to offer a choice.
For the people who really want an overnight person, they can add the overnight service.
For the past few decades, this is also an added service for our Professional Pet Sitting Etc. Clients.

We have had an overnight person for boarding in the past, however, due to employee shortages for every business, we can no longer offer this service as a courtesy.
Understand, there will be days that no overnight person can be scheduled.
This will mean that if you absolutely want an overnight person and we can not schedule it for part or all of your reservation, you will have to be okay with no overnight person.


Canine Cough

Canine Cough is a horrible sounding cough

Canine Cough

also known as Kennel Cough

Author Dorinne Whynott

Owner of the Animal Care Center of NH & Professional Pet Sitting Etc

Unfortunately, kennel cough rears its ugly head in and around many facilities, dog parks and hospitals in our area  2 – 3 times every year.

At the Animal Care Center of NH, We are always diligent in cleaning every day and deep clean even more when we know Canine Cough is going around..

We have only had ONE diagnosed case of an attendee to date.

Even though we require the Bordatella and Distemper Vaccine in all dogs, these vaccine only protects against some strains and not all. It is an air born disease and can be spread easily.

Canine Cough can be picked by any dog who passes an infected dog on a walking trail, dog park, pet store, training class, groomer, animal hospital, etc. Your dogs could even be infected by friends and families pets who have gone somewhere.

Not every dog exposed to kennel cough will get it.

Symptoms may appear within 1-14 days after exposure. Most dogs will recover in 14 days after symptoms start. The biggest symptom is a hacking cough. Most dogs will still have an appetite and play but that may change for some.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your dog, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian may prescribe a cough suppressant.  You can also help your dog by placing a humidifier close to where they are sleeping.  Make sure they are drinking plenty of water and eating.  It is advisable to clean and disinfect areas where your dog eats, sleeps and drinks once they are diagnosed and a few times during their recovery. Look for products that kill viruses and also safe for pets.

If your dogs is showing any symptoms at home, please keep them home, away from other dogs and from daycare, until symptom free.
Please let us know and cancel your reservations online.

If your dog is at the Animal Center and we observe any symptoms, your dog will be placed away from all dogs and we will notify you that your dog will need to be picked up.

We apologize for any inconvenience but must protect all pets in our care.

Here is more information –

Thank you for understanding

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