Boarding Services Overview

We provide boarding, enrichment play daycare, and more in our state of the art pet facility.

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Our boarding, enrichment play daycare and other services are offered at The Animal Care Center of NH. Below is a list of services offered.

If you would rather have someone care for your pets in your home, please visit our Pet Sitting Services page.


Boarding is stressful for most pets.  Your pet will stay for two days & one night to get acquainted with us and the center before a longer stay.


Luxury DOG Boarding

We offer several boarding options with plenty of space for your dog to be comfortable, regardless of size. Suites are Marble and Glass or choose the Full Room Penthouse option.


Luxury CAT Boarding

Our boarding facility is perfect for the finicky feline, with our cat area completely separate from the dogs. You can choose marble and glass Townhouses that have 4 levels or a Full Room Penthouse option.


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Special Boarding 

Small & Exotic Pet Boarding

  • We offer boarding for small and exotic pets to be brought in their own cages.

Isolation Boarding

  • We will do everything we possibly can for every pet to stay as happy and healthy as possible. But if we do see that a pet is possibly under the weather that may possibly be transmitted to another, we will put your pet in a special room that is away from others.  This will also ensure that your pet is protected as well if your pets defenses are lowered. We will monitor your pet to ensure they are healthy.  We will contact you and let you know what is going on.

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    Combo Services

    • Day/Walk M-F 
    • Day/Walk M-F 
    • Daycare/Train
    • Board/Train


    • Spa 1
    • Spa 2
    • Nail Clips


      • Pre Adoption Classes
      • Puppy classes
      • Basic
      • Advanced

      Events and Rentals

      • Rent Play Area
      • Rent Equipment
      • Birthday Party
      • Camp Event
      • Pet Loss
      • New Pet Shower
      • Wedding

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