Thank you for the Catnip!! I am a happy cat.  Professional Pet Sitting etc

Thank you for the Catnip!! I am a happy cat.
Professional Pet Sitting etc


Move Over Grumpy Cat!

How to Ensure

Your Kitty

is a Happy Cat!


 Author, Darlene Wagner for Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

As pet parents, we want our furry felines to be happy. Although every kitty is an individual and shows happiness in different ways, there are some universal happy cat clues:


Vocal Cues.

You and your cat may speak different languages, but you can still communicate. Cats literally say they’re happy by telling you all about it with meows, purrs, yowls and various other sounds. So how can you translate Fluffy’s language into something you can understand? Here’s some help!



An all-purpose sound that can serve as a greeting from your cat, a command, an objection, or an announcement. For example, when Fluffy meows at you when you return home, she is simply saying “Hi. So glad you’re home.” Or if she meows at you at dinner time, it’s simply her way of saying “Feed me!” There are dozens of meow sounds in your cat’s language that vary in pitch, length and volume, and many pet parents can decipher exactly what each meow means.



How a mother cat tells her kitten to follow her. When Fluffy chirps at you, she probably wants you to follow her so she can point out something to you, like an empty food bowl.



A sign of contentment.


Growling or hissing

A sign of annoyance, fright, anger or aggression. In other words, if Fluffy is growling or hissing, steer clear!


Yowling or howling

Something that sounds like a loud, drawn-out meow and tells you Fluffy is in some sort of distress. It could mean something minor like being stuck in your closet, or it could be an indication of pain.


Chattering or twittering

Not something you find on social media! These are noises your cat makes when she’s stalking her prey, even if it’s just by watching a bird or squirrel outside while she sits by the window.


Pay close attention to your kitty’s sounds and her correlating behavior, and you will soon learn what each of Fluffy’s vocal cues mean.


Body Language

Surely you’ve noticed the wide array of eye, ear, fur and body movements Fluffy makes, and have learned to associate some of them with her feelings. For instance, her resting position with front paws tucked under, ears tilted forward and sleepy eyes indicate she’s relaxed and content. In general, happy cats have smooth, unruffled fur and a relaxed tail. As well, a happy cat shows an interest in her environment and walks around her kingdom with an air of confidence, head held high.



Play is a wonderful indication of a happy cat! Any amount of time spent racing around the house, wrestling with the other animals (humans included!), pawing and jumping signals happiness.



When Fluffy feels good about herself, she keeps up with her grooming, so a kitty who looks spiffy is happy, whereas a poorly groomed cat is likely unhappy.


Sleepy Time

Just as humans, cats tend to sleep more when they are depressed, but where they choose to sleep can be an indication of happiness. If Fluffy chooses to rest her head where ever you are, that means she trusts you, and trust equals a happy cat.


Feeding Time

Cats who are happy have healthy appetites; it’s as simple as that!


Potty Time

Cats who are well-adjusted, happy and content in their environment are true to their litter box. If Fluffy suddenly develops a habit of going outside the box, there’s likely an underlying issue – perhaps a health issue – that has her feeling down in the dumps.


There are numerous ways for your cat to let you know how she’s feeling. Just like with humans, as a pet parent you learn to pick up on Fluffy’s cues whether they be vocal or behavioral. When Fluffy “speaks,” listen to what she has to say and you’ll likely learn you do indeed have one happy cat!


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