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Help Your Cat Drink More Water


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Most pet parents don’t know exactly how much water their kitty should be drinking per day, let alone how much they’re actually getting. It is probably surprising to most to learn cats need anywhere between 2/3 cup and 1 1/3 cups of water per day in order to maintain optimal urinary health and overall well-being. Many cats are in a constant state of dehydration because they have a very low thirst drive and if you see a cat drinking alot, it may be due to kidney disease or some other ailment.

So what can you, as a devoted kitty caretaker, do to ensure your favorite feline is getting enough water? Here are a few simple tricks:


  1. Clean and Fresh is a Must.
    For goodness sake, make sure your kitty’s water bowls are clean and contain fresh water. A good rule of thumb is to change the water in your cat’s bowl each time you feed her. Also, swap out the bowl for a clean one every few days. Slimy, gross, stale water or bowls will definitely NOT entice your kitty to drink the amount of water she needs.


  1. Wet Food is a Plus.
    It is highly recommended you feed your cat a mostly canned food diet, as this is a super duper easy way to get more moisture in your cat’s life. Most canned varieties of cat food contain 70 – 80% water, making it an ideal source of H2O for Fluffy. If your cat isn’t crazy about canned food (which typically isn’t the case!), try adding some water to her dry food.


  1. Ice, Ice Baby.
    Ice cold water is yummy for most cats…and fun, too! Shake things up by tossing a cube of ice in your cat’s water bowl. You may even try adding a cube to kitty’s food. It’s fun for her to lick and provides her with a little extra moisture in the process.


  1. Provide Plenty of Water Sources.
    Consider this…would you like to trek all the way downstairs to the kitchen each and every time you wanted a drink of water? Make it easy on kitty! Place water bowls or cups of water throughout the house so she can get some water whenever, and wherever, she’s thirsty. Always keep the auxiliary watering holes fresh and clean, and located in spots that are commonly visited by kitty.


  1. Running Water is a Special Treat.
    You know, sometimes things can get boring for a cat. One way to spice up your kitty’s life is with running water! If your cat likes to drink out of the faucet, let her! Turn that sucker on a few times a day and let your kitty have a little fun. Not keen on the idea of leaving water running? Make a small investment in a cat water fountain. They are super fun, capture kitty’s interest, and keep kitty’s water fresh. Best of all, you can buy one for less than $25.


So, if you were a cat, what would entice you to drink more water? Whatever ideas come to mind, apply them to your kitty’s world! Do whatever you think will keep kitty in the 2/3 – 1 1/3 cups per day range.

To  learn more on why cats have a low thirst drive and how to properly feed for hydration, please read – Feeding Cats By Gus Bennett




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