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Play is Essential To Keep Your Cats Young and Healthy,

Mentally As Well As Physically

Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Do you have regular play sessions with your cat?  Cats, just like dogs will benefit from regular play.

Cats are intelligent and fine tuned creatures that enjoy enrichment games which allow them to express their natural behaviors. They can jump incredible heights, can hear from miles away, and can easily navigate through the dark using their night vision. Cats have many talents which if not used properly can lead to negative behaviors like aggression, anxiety, over grooming, loss of appetite, self mutilation, urination problems, stress, depression, among others. Providing your cat with enrichment games can help increase activity, reduce stress, decrease any mental stagnation, help shy pets and prevent the aforementioned behavioral issues.

In this article, we are going to give you the best enrichment games for cats.

Food Puzzles
Food puzzles is an enrichment game for cats which requires the cat to take time and figure out how to get the ultimate prize (that is, treats or food), from a sealed container. This is one of the best games to stimulate cats mentally. Food puzzles for cats can be as easy as cutting a tiny hole in a sealed yogurt container, and putting some yummy treats inside, and then watching the cat paw and roll it around as he/she tries to get the treats out.

Any clean plastic container with a lid can also be used to make a hanging food puzzle. You just need to cut 2 or 3 holes around the plastic container’s bottom outer edge, and then place some treats at the center. After that, you can string a cord or rope through the secure lid and hang the food puzzle over the door handle. Once the cat becomes good at the game, you can encourage more exercise by raising the hanging food puzzle higher.

Scratching Post
Scratching comes naturally to cats. Cats need to scratch to exercise, sharpen their claws, and mark their territory. In order to keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated, and to prevent him/her from scratching on the carpets, curtains and furniture, you should buy or make an appropriate scratching post. You should know that cats like scratching on various different surfaces and positions. There are some cats that prefer vertical scratching posts, while others prefer horizontal/floor scratching mats. Make sure you provide acceptable scratching materials and positions for your cat. You can get wooden or sisal rope scratching posts, or cardboard scratching mats. Consider providing a selection of these all around the house, and make sure they’re strategically placed. Good places to put the scratchers include, but not limited to; near sleeping areas, near windows, nears exits and entrances of rooms, and any other place the cat favors. To train the cat to use the scratchers, you can reward him/her with praise and treats every time he/she happens to scratch appropriately. You can also consider placing toys and catnip near the scratchers to encourage the behavior.

Interactive Games
Think about playing with the cat as a way of maximizing his/her mental, physical and emotional well being. Cats can benefit from various types of games especially interactive games. Interactive games can involve you holding a fishing pole type of toy so that the cat can focus on being the hunter. You can move the fishing pole type of toy like a prey so that the cat can practice his/her natural hunting skills. Engaging your cat in appropriate interactive games is a great outlet for their natural behaviors. These interactive games can also help strengthen the bond between you and your cat, as you both get to have a good time playing with toys. That said, it’s important to note that cats tend to get bored with toys after sometime, so it’s important to provide just a couple of toys at a time, on rotating basis so as to keep the cat interested.

High Resting Places
Cats are natural climbers and generally like to be up high. Providing access to vertical or elevated places will make your cat happy as it increases the amount of space available to them. You can provide your cat with a carpeted cat tree with hiding spots. Alternatively, you can obtain ornamental cat shelves which can be easily mounted on the walls in appealing, decorative patterns which allow your cat to use multiple levels in your home, and move through the house through different pathways. You can also bring the outside world to your indoor cat by providing perches. Perches allow your cat to explore the outside (or the inside) world. Remember to keep rotating the location of the cat perches periodically.

Hiring A Pet Sitter

In our busy lives, we sometimes do not have consistent time for ourselves, never mind our pets.  Hiring a pet sitter to come in every day during the week can help your cat’s mentally and physically.  Consistent play time can help your cats sleep better and be healthier.

Professional Pet Sitting Etc can help.  We can come in every day while you are at work and get your kitty that much deserved and needed fun and playtime.



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