Amanda thinks fleas are horrible Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Amanda thinks fleas are horrible
Professional Pet Sitting Etc.



We Can Get

Cat Scratch Disease

from our cats!




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Did you know that Cat Scratch Disease is caused by the bacteria in flea feces?  I know you’re thinking “ewwww”.  We agree, but you need to be informed about this! This is transmitted to humans via a scratch or bite by an infected cat.


How Do Cats Get Cat Scratch Disease?


Fleas carried the Bartonella henselae bacteria, which happens to be the most common bacteria associated with Cat Scratch Disease.  When a cat gets fleas, fleas leave flea dirt on the cat.  When the cat scratches or chews on himself, the flea dirt gets under his claws.  A cat then transmits it to humans by biting or scratching, usually while playing.  The National Center for Infectious Disease reports that about 40% of all cats carry the bacteria associated with Cat Scratch Disease sometime in their lives.  The tricky part is that most cats that carry the bacteria never show any symptoms of the disease.  In addition, there is not one single test used to diagnose Cat Scratch Disease in Cats so ordinarily, a clear diagnosis is only sought after in cats that are seriously ill.  Antibiotics can be given to treat this disease in cats however, it’s not always effective.


Symptoms of Cat Scratch Disease in humans

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Skin irritations and/or bumps
  • Loss of Weight
  • Lethargy/Fatigue
  • Join pain


Preventing Cat Scratch Disease

  • Put in a place a flea prevention regime for your pet
  • Trim your cat’s nails
  • Wash any bites or scratches from your cat with soap and warm water
  • Keep your cat indoors
  • Avoid playing rough with your cat as this leads to biting and scratching
  • If you have an already compromised immune system, consult with your doctor before adopting a cat.

If you suspect your cat or one of your human family members may be infected by Cat Scratch Disease, seek prompt medical attention.


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Were you aware that your cat could infect you with this?

Of course, if your cats stays inside and is free of fleas, the likely of this happening is very small.




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