Check Out Animal Care Center of NH

We are a division of Professional Pet Sitting Etc., in business for 30+ years
The Animal Care Center of NH is a BRAND NEW 13,000 sf facility with over 3000sf of outside play area.

Opened September 2020 with state of the art safety features, beautiful interior and lots of animal knowledge.
Family owned and operated.

LOCATION – 257 Daniel Webster Highway, Merrimack, NH

SERVICES – luxury dog & cat boarding, enrichment daycare programs, grooming, training and pet products.


Our Enrichment Play Daycare is very unique and the VERY best for your dogs physical and mental health –

Check it out –  What is Enrichment Play Daycare

We have beautiful Penthouse Suites with Twin beds, mattresses, side tables with photo of family, and their own room service button!

Other Dog Suites and Cat Townhouses boast beautiful glass and marble walls.

VIRUSES/PARASITES – Never had at our facility!!!
Our facility has never had kennel cough or the fatal dog virus that still lingers, nor have we had any parasite, including Giardia. We are VERY protective of all of our guests and require a lot to do this. It all keeps our guests healthy!

Check our business Facebook page for updates and learn about all of the amazing things that will be happening

Become a registered client and complete your personal pet care profile to be ready to make reservations. Once you receive a confirmation, you are all set!!

The great thing is if the facility is full, and you are a registered client with BOTH companies, we can offer in your home pet Care with one of our amazing pet sitters of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

WEBSITE –  NH Pet Care

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