Pet Tips For Christmas December


   Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


Some easy to make cat toys for Christmas –

  • Cut holes in a plastic water bottle so that kibble is dispensed when the cat rolls the bottle around. Use sand paper to smooth any sharp edges and rinse well then dry before using.
  • Tie fabric strips to a long stick and run it across the floor. Be careful to not let kitties eat any loose strings
  • Take an old sock and put catnip and a few pieces of crumpled cellophane inside. Knot it up for your cat to wrestle with or carry around.
  • For the prey minded cats who love to chase, toss aluminum (not used on any food) foil balls down stairs or along your floor. A crumpled piece of paper will work, too!
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Some easy to make dog toys for Christmas –

  • Wrap a water bottle in a t-shirt, becomes a crinkle chew toy
  • Another crinkle toy, take a water bottle and put in a sock
  • For a tennis ball treat puzzle, cut a hole in a tennis ball big enough for kibble or small treats, insert inside and as the ball rolls around the food will fall out
  • Braided Tug Toy – take Old t-shirts cut into strips can be braided tightly, knot each end
  • Here are more ideas –



Pet Tip #1 –

Securely anchor the tree to the wall with fishing line, to prevent playful curious pets from tipping or knocking it over


Pet Tip #2 –

Skip the tinsel,  Kitties can not resist the sparkly fun toy but if ingested could lead to obstruction, vomiting, surgery & can be fatal.


Pet Tip #3 –

Keep pets away from wrapping paper, string & ribbons.  They could pose health hazards, blockage and more


Pet Tip #4 –

Christmas tree water is not for pets to drink.  It may contain chemicals, flame retardants and insecticides leaking from the treated trees.


Pet Tip #5 –

Clean up tree needles.  They can be toxic and cause mouth and stomach irritation.


Pet Tip #6 –

Angel hair, flocking and artificial snow are mildly toxic, large amounts will cause blockages


Pet Tip #7 –

Tree preservatives for the water are often sugar based and inviting to pets, another reason to keep pets away


Pet Tip #8 –

To keep pets away from the tree, try using citrus sprays.  Most pets do not like the smell.


Pet Tip #9 –

Keep wires taped securely and away from pets.  No dangling wires enticing them to be chewed, causing burns or worse.


Pet Tip #10 –

Keep breakable ornaments out of reach from playful paws.  Glass fragments and metal hangers can be a choking hazard and more


Pet Tip #11 –

Holiday potpourri can smell delicious to pets but may cause them to become very ill or worse


Pet Tip #12 –

Some snow globes contain antifreeze which is sweet tasting to pets.  If knocked over and broken, pets may be attracted to ingesting which can be fatal



As always keep medications out of pets reach.  Give them a place to go from all the noise and bustle of the holidays.


Make Reservations Early

Make your reservation Now for your January pet care reservation.  Book all pet care reservations as early as you possibly can to ensure you will be all set.



If you will be adding a new furry member to your family, consider doing it at least 2 or more weeks before the busy Thanksgiving Holidays.  It is hard on new pets in a new home with losts of hustle and bustle.

If you adopt a puppy or dog this month – CONGRATULATIONS !!  Register online ASAP to set up Mid Day Let out so they have a break while you are at work and you will be ready when you may need a pet care visit anytime in the future.

If you adopt a kitten or cat this month – CONGRATULATIONS !!  Register online ASAP to set up Feline Fun Time, we can take care of the litter box and give then one on one attention while you are at work, plus you will be ready when you may need a pet care visit anytime in the future.


Happiest of Holidays to you and your pets

from all of us, at

Professional Pet Sitting Etc. 



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