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How Much Does That Pet In The Window Cost

Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Pet ownership is very rewarding. Owning a pet is usually associated with a healthy living and overall better enjoyment of life. Security and companionship are other benefits of pet ownership, along with teaching kids responsibility and empathy. That said, it’s important to note that getting a pet entails a serious commitment and it’s important to be well aware of the costs associated with pet ownership. In this article, we will look at some of the basic costs of dog ownership.

Costs of Pet Ownership

The cost of a pet is usually much higher during the first year than the years after because of various one time expenses. You should also note that puppies/kittens generally cost more to take care of during the first year than adults because they require much more veterinarian care. Below are some of the costs to consider.



Food is usually the biggest expense associated with pets.  The cost of food will depend on your type of pet, size,  energy level, and quality of food you buy. Be aware that giving your pet special foods, such as freshly made or veterinary therapeutic diets, may cost even more a month. That said, on average, small to medium sized pets may cost between $600 to $1,400 during the 1st year because they eat less. Large breeds can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500 during the 1st year because they eat more.


Veterinary Care

Veterinary care is another big expense that’s often underestimated or overlooked, when considering the cost of  ownership. Puppies/kittens need numerous sets of vaccinations and adult will need boosters. Puppies/kittens may also need regular and ongoing preventative treatment. Some of the basic veterinary costs can include vaccinations, worming, tick and flea prevention,heartworm prevention, office visit fees, among others. The overall veterinary costs can cost anywhere between $500 –  $700 annually. Medical problems can add to that.



Unless you’re planning to breed your dog (and that is a whole other article), it is best to spay/neuter all pets. This is a one time procedure that can cost anywhere between $200 and $600 depending on the breed and size, and whether there is any health conditions which can complicate the surgery.


Dental Care

Pets can suffer from the same dental issues as people and therefore should have their teeth checked regularly. Dental problems can lead to loss of teeth, infections and sometimes even organ damage. Regular dental check ups are very important for keeping your pet’s teeth in good shape, preventing infections and keeping the breath fresh. Annual dental care costs can range anywhere between $150 and $500; depending on current dental health.


Pet Insurance

Pet insurance isn’t cheap, but it may give you the much needed peace of mind and will help cover the large unexpected medical bills which can arise over your pet’s lifetime. Before getting insurance, it’s advised to do some research before settling on a particular insurance plan. You can go to each insurance company and then carefully read their policy and compare; make sure you read the fine print and fully understand the applicable spending caps, coverage limitations and deductibles. According to CNBC, the estimated monthly cost for dog insurance is between $10 and $35, depending on the the type of coverage purchased.



Your pet’s grooming needs will largely depend on the type of coat they have. Short haired pets generally require less maintenance and fewer grooming expenses as compared to pets with longer coats. The overall cost of grooming (including grooming tools and visits to a groomer), can range anywhere between $30 and 500 a year.



The supplies you will need may include, but not limited to; water and food bowls, leash, harness, collar, pet stain cleaner, odor neutralizer, toys, bed, a travel crate, a car restraint, bedding, poop bags, litterbox, litter scoop, and more.



In addition to the above basic costs, you should also be prepared for other unexpected costs. The best way is to always stay prepared by setting aside some extra money in savings.

Have an extra credit card with a zero balance for just in case things that may happen with your pet.

Open a checking account that is only for pet expenses.  Try to transfer $25 – 50 per week to the pet account.  If you can put more great.  You never know when a medical emergency will happen.


Ways To Save For Medical

-Shop around for various prices on vaccinations. Look for Clinics.  In NH we have Low Cost Clinics. 

-Keep your pet in good shape with a healthy diet and regular exercise; this will stave off the common health problems like joint and bone disease, diabetes and other costly health problems. Check out Pet Sitting Services with Professional Pet Sitting Etc for Daily Dog Walking/Mid Day let Out and Feline Fun Time.  They will come into your home while you are at work and exercise your pets.

-Keep vaccines up to date and get routine physicals for all pets

-Save money on emergency trips to the vet by pet proofing your home.

-Save money on medications by asking for a prescription from your veterinarian.  Many medications can now be purchased for less at Walmart or online.


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