Daily Puppy Visits

Puppy visits while you’re away for the day.


Dog Walking & Mid-Day Let Out for when you are at work

You can schedule visits every day for your puppy when you can not be there while you are at work or any reason.

This is ultimate gift of love for your pet.

Daily Puppy Visits are one of our most requested services.

All pets need a break during our long work days, double shifts, unexpected or planned overtime. This is essential for puppies and their small bladders can only go for so long without needing to go out.  If you work or are away from home 6 hours or more per day, give your pets the ultimate gift of love and call us for Mid-Day Let Out.


A trained and qualified Professional Pet Sitter will let your pet out to go to the bathroom, get some fresh air, stretch and let off some anxiety, play with toys or play ball, have some treats and always get lots of TLC and personal attention during the day while you are away.

A Mid Day Visit is just for your special puppy for some extra loving and bathroom breaks during your busy schedule.  

If you need extra help with pooper scooping or litter box scooping,  you can add those services, if you wish for us to do that at mid day, as well.

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Mid-Day Let Out / Puppy Walking/Play Time

You can schedule an early and late mid day visit for your puppy.  We will space them out until your puppy or new dog becomes housebroken and can hold it for longer periods of time.  Once it is determined that the pup is housebroken and can go longer comfortably, we can switch over to just the ONE visit.  This is great for young pups or newly adopted dogs.

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We will:

  • let your puppy out to go to the bathroom.
  • Play and run in a fenced in yard,
  • Play Ball
  • Take your puppy for a walk,
  • Give lots of exercise
  • We can feed during this visit if needed.
  • We will give lots of love
  • One on one attention
  • Give treats if they are allowed.

All pets benefit  mentally and physically from this break.  Some behavioral issues may be helped.


Our Service:

  • Choose a few days per week or Monday – Friday service 
  • Can choose 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute visit (minus 10 minute travel)
  • This is for mid day/dog walking service 
  • No need to schedule, you can be automatically be on our schedule
  • pet sitter & pets establish routine (Pets LOVE routine)
  • no need to schedule every week and get a confirmation
  • automatically guaranteed a visit  Monday – Friday
  • advantages for people who work, are disabled, etc.
  • all medical, physical, & mental advantages of mid day let out for your pet,
  • saves time, gas & more for you, no need to bring your dog anywhere!!
IMPORTANT NOTE – Please keep in mind, that every dog deserves a break in the middle of the day and most would rather die than have an accident. If you must stop your Mid Day/Puppy Walking Service for whatever reason, you must come home for a break or ask a friend, neighbor or relative to continue for your dog.  Your dog’s body will be used to elimination in the middle of the day and they will be looking forward to the companionship, exercise, fresh air, treats and love that they have come to look forward to every day.
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