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Something that is overlooked quite often is dental health and hygiene. When you own a pet there are many things you need to do to ensure their health is being taken care of.

We take them for checkups; ensure their shots are up to date. We care about the food they are fed and ensure they have plenty of exercise. However, we tend to overlook or even forget they have teeth! And like us humans they too need checkups, cleaning and care on their teeth. So what are you doing to ensure your pet has those teeth cleaning needs met?

Read on as we, at Professional Pet Sitting Etc, share how you can get started on a dental health and hygiene routine.

Dental Hygiene left unattended will cause some pretty ugly health issues for your pet. Not to mention massive discomfort. Animals have an extraordinary capability to hide pain as a means of survival. So if you are not checking into the condition of your pet’s teeth you may not even know they are need of health care or that they may be suffering.

There are tried and true steps you can take to help your pet keep those pearly whites and maintain their dental health. Anything you do can only serve to enhance your pet’s overall well-being.

Diets and chews –

There are specially formulated chews and food for your pet that can assist with the removal or control of tartar build up. The design of the kibble is actually intended to act as a toothbrush, scrubbing the tartar off as they chew. Additionally some of the food contains anti-tartar ingredients. There are also a variety of dental chews out there that benefit your pet while they have fun! The only catch on chews and rawhides would be the pet has to actually enjoy chewing, daily. Many pets are just not into the chews and rawhides.

Actual dental cleaning –

You can perform brushing of your pet’s teeth at home. If you have worked with your pet early on to get them use to the brushing, it should be fairly easy, just like brushing their fur. If your dog is not into the brushing of the teeth activity, you may need to work with them on it. Utilize the reward / training benefit and try to make it fun or at least stress free. Other option would be take Fido to your vet and have them do a dental cleaning. Some dogs need to be sedated in order to do a good job with the cleaning. Many smaller dogs need to undergo this procedure. This is why it is a great idea to get your pet started early, have them become use to teeth cleaning to avoid anesthesia.
Dental health and hygiene is an important aspect of your pet care routine. Start early on with your pet. If you haven’t already started a dental health routine, it’s never too late!




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