Devoted Canine Dog Training


You have chosen the best Training Program with Devoted Canine Dog Training which is part of the Animal Care Center of NH. 

We also offer Luxurious Suites, Townhouses and Penthouses for Cat and Dog Boarding and our amazing Enrichment Play Daycare Program at out facility and with our sister company, Professional Pet Sitting Etc, we offer in your home visits for dog walking, mid day let out and pet care while you are away.

Our facility has NEVER has any of the following

  • Parasites
  • Kennel Cough (bordatella)
  • Fatal canine virus that was rampant about 6 months ago and still around

In light of this, we are pretty strict for animals in our facility

Completion of your profile is essential.

Completion includes all pet information, proof of all vaccines and negative stool, and your payment information called into our office.


All classes are 6 week course.  They will be one night pert week from 6pm – 7pm


Private Lessons available on Request – just ask!!


  • This class is for 6 consecutive weeks, 1 hour per week. This class is for puppies the age 8-20 weeks. For puppies to get the base for communication with you, it is strongly recommended to complete all 6 classes. The classes will cover socialization, food rewards to start introducing basic obedience commands of sit, down, come (recall), settle as well as loose leash walking. We will also cover basics on health, nutrition, introducing handling at vets/groomer/nail clipping and basic grooming at home. We will also go over crate training, housebreaking, play biting and greeting people. We encourage all participants to enroll in the next step of education for you and your dog, our Basic Obedience Package.


  • This class is for 6 consecutive weeks, 1 hour per week. Basic Obedience is a great base for all communications with you and your dog. Classes are always the best to start with basically because your dog learns to listen and pay attention to you with distractions. However, if you want private in home classes, we can help you. You and your dog will learn respect for each other. You will learn how to teach your dog the basic commands of sit, down, come, heel, stay/wait.


  • This is a must after completing the Basic Obedience class. We take you and your dog beyond.


All Classes are pre-paid.  If you pay through the program, The program will charge a small processing fee (under 10) that is non-refundable. If you call your credit card into our office, there is not extra fee.   If you can not make the entire 6 week course after you have paid and BEFORE the first class starts, You will have a credit for a future 6 week class of the class price minus processing.  If the first class has begun and you miss any classes there will be no credit. Once charged there is no refund for any reason, only credit for future services.

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