Dismissal Reasons

Your dog may not be a comfortable guest for services at the Animal Care Center of NH.
These reasons may be why your dog is not accepted for boarding or Enrichment Play Daycare Program at the Animal Center.  We may suggest using our other company, Professional Pet Sitting Etc. For in home pet care/dog walking visits.
We must think of the comfort and safety for all of our guests and employees. If one dog is anxious and unhappy, the other dogs will pick up on that.  If one dog is excessively barking the other dogs will pick up on this and join.  Happy dogs are busy playing not barking (unless using herding ball or lure).
if dogs excessively jump on or nip employees, this can cause injury.
We encourage boundaries, training and fun with dogs in group and encourage all owners to obedience train their pups to have the best life long relationships.
The reasons below, if not actively worked on at home and in group will become large problems in a group setting. Many reasons below cause discomfort in the other dogs and in some cases will cause fights, which is why we do not allow them.
Some reasons below are only possible dismissals.  Some are major and will be dismissed.
Possible dismissal reasons are listed below, however, there may be some that are not listed here –
    • Any dog not neutered/spayed by 6 months of age (no exceptions for this)
    • Your pet does not seem happy or comfortable here
    • Humping excessively or aggressively which can cause fights
    • Excessive barking, whining, crying
      • this is very stressful for other pets staying with us
      • this is harmful to employee hearing (loud barking)
    • Marking inside building
    • Not Housebroken, uses pee pads (unless puppy under 5 months)
      • Pets who are 100% housebroken at home but NOT while boarding
      • Urinating/defecating in crate/kennel in spite going out for multiple bathroom breaks
    • Poop eating excessively and getting sick, even though w pick up right away
    • Aggressive play that breaks skin on another dog
    • Food Aggression of any kind
    • Dog Reactivity
      • can be on leash
      • dogs walking by
    • Leash Reactive
      • introductions are on leash for safety
      • this is not just jumping or excitement, we are more concerned with trying to bite or fight other dogs
    • Biting employees or other people on property/lobby, parking lot
    • Nipping employees/other people for any reason
    • Destructiveness of any kind to turf, kennels, crates, beds, etc
    • Jumping (this is a safety issue and should always be discouraged)
      • jumping on people
      • jumping over gates
    • Separation Anxiety
      • dogs that whine, cry or bark when left alone
    • High anxiety/ nervousness
    • Inability to be calm in kennel/crate with out drooling, barking, whining, panting
    • Causing harm to themselves trying to get out of crate/kennel
    • Resource guarding of food, treats, toys, water
    • Bullying behaviors
    • Stalking or other behaviors that make other dogs nervous or uncomfortable
    • Causing fights or displaying behaviors that cause fights
    • Not being able to go up or down a flight of stairs easily
      • we are a two level building, to get to the play yard, dogs must go down a flight of stairs easily and back up to go home
    • Herding behaviors that results in problems
    • Can not get along with all dogs in the group
    • Non payment/credit card denial
    • Not notifying us of early/ late drop off or pick up
    • Clients disrespecting any other client or employee/owner
    • Client not controlling their dog at drop off or pickup in lobby or parking lot
    • Dogs not on leash when dropping or picking up which may cause harm to that dog or another dog or person
    • Pets that need medication/supplements/herbs (this is for in home pet care with Prof. Pet Sitting Etc, our other company)
    • No obedience training (recall is very important in a group setting)
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