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Puppies can be distracting while driving, they are just so darn cute


Did you know that April is

Distracted Driving Awareness Month?


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The National Safety Council is working diligently to spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.  With the increased use of technology while driving, thousands of deaths have resulted.   However, taking or making phone calls, sending texts and emails and posting selfies on social media aren’t the only way we as pet parents get distracted.

According to a survey by AAA and Kurgo Pet Products, 84 percent of the people that took the survey say that their dog is a regular passenger in their car however; only 16 percent of those people use a restraint for their safety as well as their pet’s safety.

The survey goes on to say that 29 percent of pet parents surveyed admit to driving while being distracted by their dogs but 65 percent of the people surveyed engaged with their dog in a way that is considered to be a distraction. That means pet parents are driving distracted and they don’t even realize it.  Ignorance is not always bliss, friends.


Here are a few distracted behaviors that these respondents engaged in:

  • Petting their dog (52%)
  • Using hands or arms to restrict dog’s movement or hold dog in place when putting on brakes (23%)
  • Using hands/arms to keep dog from climbing from the backseat to the front seat (19%) • Reaching into backseat to interact with dog (18%)
  • Allowing dog to sit in lap or holding dog while driving (17%)
  • Giving food or treats to dog (13%)
  • Playing with dog (4%)
  • Taking a photo of dog (3%)

So, why don’t people use pet restraints to limit distractions while driving?

  • My dog is calm and do not think he/she needs a restraint (42%)
  • Never considered it (39%)
  • Just take dog on short trips (29%)
  • Want dog to be able to put head out window (12%)
  • Too complicated/too much trouble (7%)
  • Want dog to have fun in the car (3%)
  • Want to be able to hold dog (3%)


There are many options to consider when purchasing a pet restraint for your car.

  1. Pet Harness or safety belt
  2. Pet Car Seat
  3. Pet Barrier
  4. Hard Travel crate
  5. Soft Travel Crate

Check this out for more information about Doggie Distractions and click here for more information about Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  “Take back your drive!”



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