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Protect Your Cats’ Health
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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

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Keeping your cat healthy is alot of preventative care.  Many pet parents of cuddly kitties think if their cat is eating well and behaving as usual, then he or she doesn’t need to visit the vet. After all, vets treat our pets when their sick, not when they’re happy and healthy, right? Well, that is where the issue lies ~ just because YOU think your cat is happy and healthy, only your vet can truly make that determination, and regular visits reduce the risk of your cat falling ill in the first place.


Early Diagnosis


There are so many cat ailments that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye, making them that much more dangerous. However, regular check-ups by your vet make the chances of identifying, diagnosing and treating your kitty’s possible medical conditions great enough to increase the odds of a good outcome.


A perfect example of a feline ailment that you, as a pet parent, can easily miss is hyperthyroidism. Let’s say your feline friend is 14 years old, constantly meowing for food, appearing a bit thinner, and she has switched from doing her business in her litter box to paying frequent visits to your indoor plants to relieve herself. To you, these behaviors may come across as no more than an old cat on the decline, losing her senses and perhaps her mind. However, if you were to mention these problems to your vet, he would recognize them as early signs of an overactive thyroid gland and would conduct blood tests to confirm.


Prevention is Key


By visiting your kitty’s vet regularly for check-ups, you’ll have the advantage of planning necessary treatments for the year ahead, as your cat’s health needs change as she ages. Your vet will also help you stay on top of parasite treatment, dental needs and help you address any behavioral changes. Annual check-ups are also an ideal opportunity to check your cat’s weight, and determine diet changes that can improve her health and well-being.


Keep Your Cat Well


Regular visits to your vet over the years will give your vet the opportunity to get to know your feline friend well, making it easier for him to recognize what is and is not normal for your cat. The result of this cat/vet bond can mean early diagnosis of an illness, early treatment, and a quicker, more successful recovery. This benefit, combined with your vet’s knowledge of how to prevent disease, is the best way to give your cat the long and healthy life she deserves!

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