Keeping Your Cat Safe when you go Away

They need someone to check on them DAILY

  Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Felice and Linus - Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Felice and Linus – Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Over the years, many people have called and asked for pet care for their dogs and when we ask if there are any other pets in the home, people have replied, we have a cat but you won’t have to do anything for her……..

A Professional Pet Sitting Company can not and will not neglect any pets in a home while you are away.  We will give them all fresh food and water and check on them to make sure they are okay.

We have been told – My cat only needs to have a visit twice in a week

Cats really do need a cat sitter from a Professional Pet Sitting company.

Minimum level of service for a cat is every other day and we are not happy with that.  Many Pet Sitting Companies will require daily visits because Too many things can go wrong and there is more care required.

More Care and Costs for every other day visits –

  • More food to be left out,
  • extra water to be left out
  • more time to clean litterboxes, etc.
  • Many times cats are starved for attention and we feel guilty running out when they are purring and trying to give us loves.

So, why does it cost more for every other day visits?

  • Visits always take longer than daily visits because we are doing two days worth of care
  • Plus, trying to get reservations that are the complete opposite of the one’s that are booked is very hard as well.  So, inevitably, a slot on the opposite days that are not booked, goes unscheduled.


What can go wrong?  Here are a few things –

  • We have seen a cat who was playing got so wrapped up in a lace tablecloth that he was mummified and couldn’t move by the time we got there.
  • We had a cat somehow got the bathroom door closed with her locked inside, no food or water but she did go to the bathroom in the bathtub.
  • We had a cat get his foot stuck in a box spring, had to have the owner’s emergency person come and help us get him unstuck.  He was okay but did spend in day in the hospital with a swollen leg.  It was sprained, not broken.
  • Death – One client told us that he will NEVER leave his cat without daily visits.  Why?  Because his cat died.  She had gotten very ill after the neighbor was there and since the neighbor did not come the next day but the day after, the cat was near death.  She rushed the cat to the vet but it was too late.  The vet had she if she had gone the day before, the cat may have survived.

The moral of the story, is to please make sure that your cat has someone caring for them, EVERY DAY.

Checking on them once a day.  If cats are sick, they are VERY good at hiding it, even from you.  In many instances, when the cat is showing symptoms that we can now notice, if someone isn’t coming every day, it could be serious in 24 hours.  Even that is a long time.

Do NOT rely on any mechanical devices – We have seen automatic feeders malfunctioned more times than I can count, just give us old fashioned dishes. Electric litter boxes are known to burn out motors if one spec of dirt gets on the electric eye, give us a regular litter box and a good heavy duty litter scoop ( please no slotted spoons), and please don’t leave water fountains on, they get slimy, are hard to clean and sometimes hard to refill, leave two to three large water bowls, let us know where they are and we will refill. Due to these unreliable devices, we will not use them.

Here are a few things to consider –

  • Your cat does get lonely, even if she is shy
  • Never rely on electronic feeders, too many of them have malfunctioned (NEVER use canned food in these)
  • Free feeding or leaving lots of food out (leads to obesity, some cats eat it all in the first day, leaving them hungry for the rest of your trip)
  • Your cat may become sick
  • Your cat may get themselves trapped
  • Never leave your cat outside unsupervised and go away (too many horrible things could happen)
  • Will you have Peace of Mind

We have heard it all.  Many people state, they are fine on their own.

                                                                                                          Yes, they are fine until they are NOT.

Please keep your cats safe while you are away and have them checked on by a reliable pet care person EVERY DAY.  Your cats are worth it.



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