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Canine Dementia

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We’ve all heard of people being stricken with dementia, but did you know dogs are susceptible as well? That’s right, dogs can suffer from Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), commonly known as senior dementia. CCD is caused by physical changes in the aging brain, resulting in the deterioration of how your dog thinks, reacts, learns and remembers. These lapses can create behavioral changes in your dog that gradually worsen over time.


Know the Symptoms


Symptoms of CCD are not unlike those of dementia in humans; they include disorientation, loss of appetite, heightened irritability, anxiety, restlessness, forgetfulness, changes in sleep patterns, incontinence and possible inability to learn new tasks. As well, dogs with CCD may show a decreased desire to play or be social, lick excessively or stop grooming themselves.




An ongoing study performed at the University of California-Berkeley found 62% of dogs between the ages of 11 and 16 demonstrate one or more signs of CCD, and the percentage increases with age.


What can you do to possibly prevent your four-legged friend from becoming a CCD statistic? Keep your dog’s brain active, teaching him new tricks to challenge his brain; not just after he reaches his senior years, but throughout his entire life. An antioxidant-enriched diet including Vitamins C and E, L-Carnitine, Alpha-lipoic acid and other antioxidants from fruits and vegetables may also be beneficial. And ensure your furry friend gets plenty of exercise and environmental stimulation; activities like play dates with other dogs, visits to your local dog park, a weekly rotation of toys and meeting new people should do the trick.


Diagnosis and Treatment


So what should you do if you suspect your senior dog is developing CCD? Maybe you witnessed Fido walking in circles, staring blindly at the wall or acting uncharacteristically aggressive toward your spouse. First and foremost, schedule a visit with your veterinarian, who will conduct a thorough medical and neurological exam. Unfortunately, there is no test specifically for CCD and many CCD symptoms are shared with other serious ailments, so a diagnosis is usually a diagnosis by exclusion; if everything checks out normally, it is probably CCD.


A CCD diagnosis is devastating, for both you and your furry friend, but it doesn’t mean the end is near. While there is no cure, there are prescription drugs available that may improve your dog’s quality of life by helping him think more clearly and remember more.


You can help your dog cope with CCD by considering his needs and catering to them. For instance, try not to rearrange the furniture in your home as doing so can cause confusion for your dog. Also, encourage short play sessions, remove clutter from your home’s pathways, keep commands short and simple, and, most importantly, maintain your patience and compassion. Although your dog’s world has changed, every effort should be made to show him he is loved, cared for and respected.






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