Luxury Dog Boarding

We offer state of the art
luxury boarding for your pets comfort.

greyhound in dog bed

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Our Boarding suites are state of the art, sleek, open and airy with a lot of glass for our guests’ viewing pleasure, and beautiful white and grey marble walls.

Pictures do NOT do them justice.  These are so beautiful.

Our Canine Guests can choose from our –

  • Penthouse Suites
  • Presidential Suites
  • Deluxe Suites
  • Standard Suites

Our Feline Guests can choose from our –

  • Penthouse Suites
  • Feline Condo Suites




Each of our guests will enjoy the following

Standard Suite

These are our smaller suites but are still roomy and comfortable. Each suite has a Guest bed that is raised off the floor

Standard Connecting Suite

These special Suites are the same Standard Suite but have an opening so that Guests in each suite can come and visit OR if you want to give your Guest more room they can have TWO suites all to themselves

Deluxe Suite

Our Deluxe Suites have more room than our Standard Suites for Guests to stretch out and move around.

Deluxe Connecting Suite

These special Suites are the same Deluxe Suite but have an opening so that Guests in each suite can come and visit OR if you want to give your Guest more room they can have TWO suites all to themselves

Presidential Suite

  • The Presidential Suites are twice the size of our Deluxe.
  • These Suites come with a Toddler Size Bed
  • Real Mattress for the comfort of our guest
  • Real Bedding – Our Guests will be tucked in for bed with a real comforter and their own pillow

Penthouse Suite

  • Our Penthouse Suites are the largest and are almost twice the size of our Presidential Suites
  • Our Penthouse Suites are beautifully constructed rooms made especially for our guests to feel more at home
  • Each Suite come furnished with a stunning Wrought Iron Twin Bed
  • Real Mattress for the comfort of our guest
  • Real Bedding – Our Guests will be tucked in for bed with a lovely comforter and their own pillow
  • Wall Clock will be there so our Guests can count the time for when you return.
  • Matching side table with a framed picture of their family (picture provided by owner) to view whenever they wish.
  • Speaking of viewing, our Guests will enjoy their own 32” smart TV showing Animal Planet for their viewing pleasure.
  • Our Penthouse Suites are the only rooms that can be decorated by a theme. You can upgrade these rooms to choose from one of our decorating themes if they are not all chosen!
  • Penthouse Suites are Available to our FELINE Guests as well

Each of our Guests will enjoy the following in ALL Levels

Daily Maid Service

Each day we will conduct a thorough cleaning of our Guests’ accommodations

Daily Wellness Check

We will get to know each Guest by asking you many questions on the Pet profile and by spending time with them.  This will help us to determine if your pet is not feeling 100% 

Bedtime Turn down Service

We will check on each Guest before it is lights out.

Potty Time

Each canine friend will have multiple potty breaks scheduled throughout the day.

Bring Food

We encourage you to bring your pets’ food to keep them on their own diet. You must measure out each feeding, place in a Ziploc.  One Ziploc will be equal to one feeding.

We can substitute one feeding a day at Dinner with our very own cooked meals if you choose as an added service.


Curious to see what your pet was up to during their stay with us? We thought you might be.

Simply send us an email and we are happy to let you know how your beloved pet is doing.

Enrichment Play Daycare (for our Enrichment Play attendees who are boarding)

We offer our regular attendees who are boarding to opt in every day during the week, they are staying with us. Our Enrichment Play Program is specialized and we introduce each dog very slowly so that all introductions are positive.  Once our groups are established and the dogs love their buddies, they start to grown and learn which we intersperse some obedience and they learn to use their senses by playing scavenger hunts, puzzles and more.  This enriches their lives and builds confidence over time.  If you would like this special opportunity for your dog on a regular weekly basis, let us know so we can set this up and your dog will be able to attend.

For those that are boarding and not attending our Program on a weekly basis, we offer Private Play Sessions.  Boarders do get regular Play and Bathroom sessions but if you want a longer time, you can add that to your reservation.

Luxury Doggy Dining

  • Treat your pet to luxury dining with your choice of Beef, Chicken, Tuna or Sardines meal toppers
  • We can even add vegetables if your pet enjoys those as well.
  • Meals will be appropriate for size and breed.
  •  A wonderful treat to add on top of your pet’s meals brought from home.

Bottled Water

  • Many of our Guests prefer a higher quality of water
  • This water is provided per 16 oz bottle.
  • This is available for our canine and feline Guests

Private Play Session

Would you like to give your pet more one-on-one time? This private play session will deliver just that with the undivided attention of one of our staff members. These private sessions can be purchased in 15 minute intervals and can be customized to your pet and what they enjoy. Let us know if your pet loves to be brushed, snuggled and petted, play with a ball or another favorite toy!


A one-on-one experience for our Guests to get lovins and snuggles while getting a story of your choice read to them. We have a list of books available for you to choose from!

New toy or kong

Would you like to treat your canine companion to something special? A new toy sounds perfect for that. We would be happy to give your pup a new toy to play with to keep them engaged. This would be a great addition to a private play session as well.  If you choose a new toy, you can choose from our list provided or if those are not your choice, we can offer other toys at a discount.


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