Dog Cookies!!

Dog Cookie Exchange Information

We will announce this in November
Look for our Sign Up Sheet

Dog Cookie Exchange

  • This is a great way to try lots of dogs cookies that other dogs love
  • Depending on the number of people who sign up, will be the number of bagged treats that you will provide.
    • If 10 people sign up, then you will provide 10 bags of cookies (1 for each person) and you will receive 10 bags of cookies (1 from each person)
  • Store bought or Homemade
    • if homemade, cookies MUST NOT need to be refrigerated. 
    • They should be a hard cookie not soft and be able to last for at least 2-3 weeks.
    • Refrigerated soft cookies will go moldy fast
  • All cookies MUST be bagged (again, 1 bag for each participant).  Any secure container can also be used.
  • Amount to put in each bag will depend on the cookie.
    • If very large, then 1-2 per bag.  If small, place a good handful in each bag
  • Secure Bags
    • Make sure bags are securely closed so no cookies will fall out
  • Labels
    • Make sure that bags include the NAME of the cookie
    • Put some info on the name card, like where you purchased, ingredients or website so others can find your cookies if their dog loves them
    • Homemade cookies – please put your recipe card
• Total Signed up – 22

Drop Off Bagged Cookies by

  • All presents and cookies are dropped off to the Animal Center the week of December 12-16.

Cookies will be Distributed by

  • We will distribute to everyone the week of December 19-23.

Happy Holidays!!!

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