Dog Cookies!!

Dog Cookie Exchange Information

Dog Cookie Exchange

We will announce this in November

Sign Up Sheet

  • Sign Up Sheet will be at Reception November 6 – 17
  • Deadline for Sign up November 17
  • We will announce the number of bags needed in our Client FB Group
  • Note – this info is also on our website,, go to Articles Tab, Type Secret Santa In Search Bar on page AND in our private FB group, go to top under Featured Posts

What to Choose to Bring

  • This is a great way to try lots of dogs cookies that other dogs love
  • Depending on the number of people who sign up, will be the number of bagged treats that you will provide.
  • Store bought or Homemade
    • if homemade, cookies MUST NOT need to be refrigerated. 
    • They should be a hard cookie not soft and be able to last for at least 3 weeks unrefrigerated.
      • Refrigerated or soft cookies will go moldy fast
    • Choose cookies that are your dog’s favorite that you may think others would like
    • Or choose treats that you would love to try that are different

How to Bring Your Cookies 

  • All cookies MUST be bagged or in a secure container
  • Secure Bags/containers
    • Make sure bags/containers are securely closed so no cookies will fall out
  • Labels
    • Make sure that bags include the NAME of the cookie
    • Put some info on the name card, like where you purchased, ingredients or website so others can find your cookies if their dog loves them
    • Homemade cookies – please put your recipe card with ingredients

How Many Cookies in each Bag/Container

  • Amount to put in each bag will depend on the cookie.
    • If very large, then 1-2 per bag.  If small, place a good handful in each bag
    • You decide!!
How Many Bags Should You Make
  • It will depend on how many sign up
  • Last year (2022) we had 22 signed up and decided on 11 bags each

Drop Off Bagged Cookies by

  • All Cookies dropped off to the Animal Center the week of December 11 – 15
  • DEADLINE is December 15 first thing in Morning

Cookies will be Distributed by

  • We will distribute to everyone the week of December 18 – 22

Reminder – we are closed for Daycare December 23 – January 1

Happy Holidays!!!

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