Dog Daycare

Doggie daycare is like kindergarten for your dog!

dog daycare in NH

Mindful Play for your Dogs

Enrichment play is a better form of Daycare for your pets. Our days will be full of structured activities that will help your pup develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Dogs are naturally eager for knowledge and capable of learning so much more then we can give them. Having days with structure and engaging your dogs capabilities will create a dog that is stimulated and happy. These activities interspersed with play times and rest times will give all dogs a well balanced day as well as creating a well balanced dog.

We like to call this Mindful Play.

Similar to Kindergarten for young children.  They are developing skills and learning rather than just being somewhere.

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happy dog playing at NH dog daycare

State of the art dog daycare

  • Climate controlled indoor activity area
  • 6 inside play areas
  • Over 300sf of outside activity area
  • Safely protected with a 8 foot fence
  • Engineer Designed drainage system with over 4 feet of multi layers of substratum under turf so everything drains quickly and safely away from all pets but is still comfortable to run and play on.

Specially installed K9 turf is clean and safe

  • It is designed with 100 times faster drainage.  This is important for urine to immediately pass through so no other pet can walk through it.
  • Each blade has antimicrobial technology built in for the health and safety of your pet.
  • The professional installation prevents dogs from digging and chewing on the product.
  • No swallowing bits and pieces of rubber which can cause digestive problems.


  • Structured activities throughout the day
  • Activities change from day to day to keep pups interested
  • Special activities throughout the year
  • Romp and play sessions with their buddies
  • Each group is individualized according to your dog’s age, size, play type, & mental stimulation
  • Relaxation rooms to keep pets from getting grumpy and over stimulated
  • Relaxation rooms will have calming scents, music and kongs for guests pleasure
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