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How often has this happened to you? You come home after a long day at work, greeted at the door by your pooch who – unlike you – is well rested after a long and relaxing day at home, wagging his tail wildly, his big eyes full of excitement. Do you deny him the thing he wants and likely needs most at that moment? – an activity healthy for both his mind and body – a walk. Do you choose a comfy spot on the sofa to snuggle with your furry friend hoping your attention will shift his focus from activity to tranquility? Do you begrudgingly hook up his leash and take him for a hasty lap around the block, anxious to get home to your glass of wine?


In a perfect world, you would proudly exclaim, “No matter how exhausted I may be after spending tedious hours in the office, I take Fido for a well-deserved walk every day because I know it will benefit his health and behavior!” But, in the real world – which is far from perfect – you likely opt for the sofa and the glass of wine.


The Benefits of Walking


Sure, you know a nice, brisk, heart pumping walk is good for you – it aids in weight maintenance, promotes better sleep, can reduce stress, and increases energy levels. And, as a pet lover, you likely know the same holds true for your canine companion. Not only does exercise enhance your pet’s life expectancy, but it also helps curb misbehavior that may occur while left at home alone. Think about it – a bored dog can become a mischievous dog (picture coming home to toilet paper strewn throughout your living room and the right shoe from your favorite pair chewed to bits); but a well exercised, tired dog likely won’t have the energy or the desire to misbehave. Keep in mind, most dog breeds were developed to perform a task, whether it be herding, hunting, tracking, etc. They were not bred to be sedentary or confined and their innate urge to be active may result in unwanted behaviors.


Maintain Your Dog’s Health and Well-Being


According to the ASPCA, at least one 30-minute walk per day is necessary to maintain your dog’s health and well-being. While a fenced-in yard may be convenient and give Fido the freedom to roam, chances are he’s not engaging his full potential when it comes to exercising. More likely, he’s meandering around, sniffing, munching on grass, laying in the sun… anything but getting his blood pumping and his heart rate up. Dogs need the physical and mental stimulation provided by a good walk. For many pet parents, meeting such a need isn’t easy. Between working, raising a family, spending time with friends, maintaining a home, etc., walking your dog for 30 minutes each day may fall last on your list. So what’s a pet parent to do?


Call Professional Pet Sitting Etc. to schedule daily walks for your furry friend! We offer mid-day walks that give your canine companion the opportunity to burn off some pent up energy, breathe in some fresh air, and soak up the sunshine. Whether you’ll be working an extra-long day, or simply want Fido to get a break from his ho-hum routine while you’re at the office, a quality walk with one of our passionate, animal loving staff members will do the trick! We will provide your dog with the daily stimulation and sense of accomplishment he needs, leaving a happier, calmer pup waiting to greet you at the door.


Call us at 603-888-8088 to schedule your dog walks today!


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