Daily Feline Fun Time & Litter Box Maintenance

We offer daily visits to help you keep your cat happy and healthy.


Are you too tired to play with your full of energy feline at the end of your work day? Is your Kitty a bit overweight from lack of exercise? Hate cleaning litter boxes? WE CAN HELP !!

Daily exercise and scooping of litter boxes is a must for healthy and happy kitties.  If it is a chore that you just hate doing or do not have time to do, please have us do it for you.

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Daily Kitty Visits

We can come Monday – Friday,  seven days a week or just once in a while to play with your frisky feline, or sooth your lonely senior or exercise your overweight kitty!  whatever you need for your feline we can provide companionship while you are away long periods of time at work every day.

Daily visits will help with your cat’s health and well being, while you are at work. Cats get lonely too!  One on one attention every day will be beneficial to your cats” health and well being.

Litterbox Scooping

We can also scoop your litter box, give fresh food, water as well as give some loving fun attention to your kitties while you are at work, home or vacation. Veterinarians recommend daily exercise and litter boxes scooped once per day, ideally twice per day. Clean litter boxes may help prevent elimination problems around your home. No more litter box duty for you, let us do it for you.

Exercise and Play

Daily exercise for your kitties can help them burn off excess energy, help them sleep through the night (are they waking you up), helps keep their joints limber, helps them to lose weight (just like us), helps keep their hearts healthy.  We can play with their favorite toys, we can even brush them if we have time.


Prices depend on what you choose 

We have discount plans for Monday-Friday or 7 days a week packages for long term schedules. This will create savings and you can be guilt free knowing your kitty is getting lots of attention, playtime and clean litter boxes every day while you are working hard.

Schedule Your Kitty Sitter

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