Are you too tired to play with your full of energy feline at the end of your work day?

Is your Kitty a bit overweight from lack of exercise?




Daily exercise and scooping of litterboxes is a must for healthy and happy kitties.  If it is a chore that you just hate doing or do not have time to do, please have us do it for you.


Feline Fun Time & Litterbox Maintenance

We can come Monday – Friday or seven days a week and scoop your litter box for you, give fresh food, water and some loving fun attention to your kitties while you are at work, home or vacation. Veterinarians recommend daily exercise and litter boxes scooped once per day, ideally twice per day. Clean litter boxes may help prevent elimination problems around your home. No more litter box duty for you, let us do it for you.

Daily exercise for your kitties can help them burn off excess energy, help them sleep through the night (are they waking you up), helps keep their joints limber, helps them to lose weight (just like us), helps keep their hearts healthy.  We can play with their favorite toys, we can even brush them if we have time.

Prices depend on number of pets, time needed, travel time, etc. Please call our office for all prices.

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