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The Summer Heat is soaring and while summer weathers entices us to be outdoors playing with our dogs, you must understand just how harmful the heat can be for your dog. Dogs are highly susceptible to heat stroke over the summer and it’s nothing to scoff at.  Heat stroke can be deadly!  Read on to learn exactly what you need to know!


What exactly makes my dog susceptible to heat stroke? 


Dogs pant to cool themselves down but their body cooling system is not quite as effective as the human body’s system – sweating.  A dog pants in order to exchange the hot air in his body for the cool air in the atmosphere.  However, when the hot temperatures outside are too close the heated temperature of the dog’s body, then the dog’s body system is ineffective!  It’s your job as pet parent to prevent heat stroke in your dog.  Here’s how:


  • Never leave your dog in a car in hot weather. The car can heat up to dangerous and deadly temperatures within minutes of you exiting your car. For example, when it is 85 degrees out, a car will heat up to 102 degrees within ten minutes!
  • Don’t exercise your dog in hot OR humid weather. Early morning hours or late evening is the best. Mid-day sun exposure is the most dangerous.
  • Avoid any prolonged exposure on asphalt or other areas without shade.
  • Fresh water and shade should ALWAYS be made available to your dog.
  • If your dog is elderly or has an illness such as lung or heart disease or a history of heat stroke, exercise extreme caution when exposing him to the heat, even mild heat!
  • Never muzzle your dog during warm temperatures – it makes it difficult for him to breathe!
  • Don’t shave your dog . An inch or two of hair serves as insulation against the extreme temperatures and also protects your dog from sun burn. 
  • Brush your dog daily to prevent matting. Matting prevents the skin from cooling, in addition the combination of heat and matting can lead to hot spots!



Signs of heat stroke in dogs:

  • excessive panting
  • rapid breathing
  • glazed eyes
  • thick saliva
  • vomiting
  • bright red gums and tongue
  • rectal temperature of 104 degrees


How do you keep your dog cool?  Let us know!





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