Holidays and Photo Sessions

Need a Special Occasion Photo or want a Holiday photo?

We can schedule that for you.

One of the big benefits for our Monday – Friday attendees is that they have a photo session for EVERY Holiday!

Christmas is the ONLY holiday that we will do every attendee.

These special sessions are done on certain days of the month that we schedule in when we know we will have time.

We generally do NOT take the photos on the actual holiday.

These dates are NOT public (so please do not ask) and if your dog happens to be an attendee on the day we do photos, you hit the lottery!!
If you wish to not pay for a photo session and would like to ADD a day of daycare to your normal schedule, we can do that.  You can ADD a day of daycare but we can not SWITCH a day just to get a photo session.
For adding a day, ust let us know the month prior to the holiday you want and we will add that day for you.  We will let you know what additional day you will be scheduled for.

However, if you absolutely want a photo for a certain holiday or you have a special costume/outfit, we can do that for you.



(for one dog, add $10 for each additional dog)

Give us a 30 day notice of when you need the photos and we will create a photo session that at least 2 poses

We will upload a minimum of 5 photos (there will most likely be more if your dog is cooperative)

You can choose a backdrop from our collection.

If you have a costume/outfit, as long as your pup is cooperative wearing it, we are happy to do it.


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