Here are a few things to consider when

deciding on Pet Sitting Visits for your pets?

  Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Oskar - Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Oskar – Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

This is an answer only you can answer. It is important to make sure that you have a schedule of visits that match the needs of your pet.

99% of all dogs in the past decades of being in business, only need 3 visits per day, which is our maximum per day.  Only young unhousebroken puppies, very old pets and pets on medication will need more.

General time periods for a Professional Pet Sitting Company are :

  • Morning – 6am – 9am (with dogs getting out before 8am)
  • Mid day  – 1030am – 230pm
  • Supper – 4pm – 7pm
  • PM – 7pm – 9pm

What is your pets’ normal routine?

If you are home all day long and your dog is used to going out 5-6 times a day, you may want to go with our maximum of  3 visits a day or book in a Pet Sitter to stay overnight and add a mid day and supper visit.

If you are at work all day and your dog is used to going out before and after work, you may want to consider 3 visits a day.  Please consider giving him a break in the middle of your work day, see Why should I have a Professional Dog Walker for my dog During the Day?

When deciding on the number of visits needed, here are some Factors to consider :

  • Is your pet  young or elderly
  • Is your pet on medications
  • How many times do you normally let your dog out
  • Is your pet used to a lot of companionship/exercise during the day
  • How many times is your pet fed in a day

We suggest for the next week, think of the above questions.  Keep a log of outside time, playtime, feeding time, any medications if any.  We understand that your budget may be a concern as well, but please do not skimp on your pets’ care.  Remember that you can mix and match length of visits as well.  Maybe, in the morning you will schedule an extended visit to feed, scoop litterboxes, bathroom time then a nice 25 minute play ball session, then maybe a shorter regular visit in the middle of the day and another extended visit at night so they get in a nice play session and a walk before bedtime.

Get your pets accustomed to the schedule you have reserved.

If you have made a reservation for a sitter to visit 3 times per day and your pet goes out to the bathroom 6-10 times per day,  Your pet may have accidents and feel horrible or be in discomfort.  If your pet is old/young, needs to go out often or if you have a pet that is used to you being home 24/7 or has anxiety when left alone, Maybe your pet needs to be in an easy to clean area or an area that has no hazards or maybe you need to book a sitter to stay overnight with your pet with a few visits during the day. These are possible things to consider and you may need to adjust the reservation or talk with your pet sitting company to come up with alternatives and adjustments.  You can find out if the reservation you booked is right for your pet just by doing the same routine everyday for about 2 weeks prior to you leaving.  Only let them out for those same times, no longer. Feed them at those same times, see how long it takes for you to get everything you want the sitter to do and how long it takes for your pets to eat, go to the bathroom.  That way you will know if what you booked will work, if not you can adjust to more visits, more time or an overnight.

Keep in mind that for some pets, any change in routine will upset them and they may have accidents in the house, even if they haven’t done so in a long time, even if you booked adequate visits.

Whatever you decide, your pets will always be happier in their own home rather than anywhere else.




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