Celebration Time – Come On!!

Ideas for

Birthdays, Holidays, Special Occasions or Any Time


We are asked all the time about what you can do for us or the dogs.
My brain does not seem to work on the spot, so I thought I would come up with this to refer to.
If you would like to do something in honor of your special pup or just something because you want to, here are some ideas.
Please do NOT feel obligated but if the mood strikes you, here are some ideas.


  • Be aware that some dogs do have allergies, so please try to make sure that these are not in the ingredient list or if they are, let us know.
  • Dogs with allergies do not come every day, so it is possible to not worry about this depending on the day.
  • Current Known Allergies –
    • Chicken
    • Peanut Butter
    • Legumes
      • peanuts, soya, lupin, green beans, green peas, fenugreek, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans and other dried beans


  • Current number of Enrollees – 27
  • However, daily numbers are always under that.
  • Feel free to ask how many are on any given day and add 2-3 just in case we have any coming last minute


Please when bringing any item that needs prep work, bring ready to give.  We do not have much time on some days so that will help a lot.  Ready to feed  will cut up into bite size pieces or in individual servings
  • Snuffle Mats
  • Dog Puzzles
  • Bubble Guns and Bubbles
  • Pools
    • Any size, just easy dump water out and to move in and out of building
  • Agility Equipment
    • Must be stand alone equipment, not put in ground
    • Hurdles
    • Weave poles
    • Tunnels – especially large tall tunnels for big dogs
    • See Saw
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