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Common Myths and Misconceptions About Your Precious Pooch

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Surely you’ve heard a few of the old wives tales regarding a pooch’s health that have been passed on through the years. You know, “If your dog’s nose is dry he is certainly sick!” and “It’s good for Rover to lick his wounds; licking speeds up the healing process!” Yes, there may be some truth behind statements like these, but most are proven to be unfounded. Here’s just a few examples of some old wives tales that are way off mark!


  1. A dog who eats grass is sick to his stomach. Sure, there is some truth to this claim, but many scientists insist it’s normal for a dog to eat some grass from time to time as it’s in a dog’s genetics. Don’t worry if your dog enjoys a grass snack from time to time, but if he gulps down large amounts of grass it may indicate Fido does indeed have an upset stomach. If you find him noshing on mouthfuls of grass and then vomiting it up, it may be best to visit your vet.


  1. A dog who eats non-food items has a nutritional deficiency. No one can say exactly why some dogs eat non-food items like rocks and feces, lick carpet, and ingest things that are not meant to be ingested. Most veterinarians believe most dogs eat these things out of pure boredom or in an effort to gain attention. Providing Fido with adequate exercise and ample outlets for his excess energy will help redirect Fido’s desires from noshing on the non-edible to taking a nice, long nap after a day of play.


  1. Garlic will kill your dog’s fleas. Many pet parents believe garlic is a sure fire way to keep fleas at bay, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Yes, it is very possible that the smell acts as a deterrent, but garlic does not kill fleas.


  1. If Fido’s nose is warm, he is sick. This is simply not true! The temperature of your dog’s nose cannot indicate illness or health, and it can’t verify whether or not Fido has a fever. The only way to accurately read your dog’s temperature is by measuring it with a thermometer, with normal readings ranging between 110.5 to 102.5°


  1. Letting your dog licks his wounds will help them heal faster. Dogs naturally lick their wounds in an effort to clean them, but licking them actually slows down the healing process and can lead to serious infections. Prevent your pup from licking his wound excessively by blocking his access to the area with an Elizabethan collar (you know, the lampshade looking contraption that Fido wears round his neck) or by applying a bandage to the wound. To aid in the healing process, clean the wound thoroughly and regularly and apply a dog-safe antiseptic.


  1. Your pooch will let you know when he’s sick or in pain. Unfortunately, this is simply not true! Dogs are very skilled at hiding signs that indicate they are sick in pain. Behaviorists speculate this is instinctual; a behavior inherited from their ancestors in the wild who, in their drive to survive, hid any weakness. Often times, by the time you notice your dog is sick, his condition has already progressed. Keep an eye on Fido’s typical behavior and make note of any differences you may notice in the amount of time he spends sleeping, if he’s slower in his movements (especially when getting up and lying down), if his appetite lessens, if he seems more distant, or, on the contrary, if he becomes more clingy. It’s also a good idea to take a quick look at Fido’s poop every time he goes to identify any differences in its appearance.


As pet parents, it’s our duty to provide the best possible care for our canine companions. Doing so can sometimes get confusing with the countless theories out there on dogs and their care, so if you’re uncertain or simply looking for advice, consult with Fido’s veterinarian.




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