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Cats and Spraying ~

What Is It,

Why Do They Do It,

and How Can You Control It?


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As the parent of a purr-fectly pawsome cat, you may have confused urine spraying with actual urinating, even though the behaviors are quite different and represent different things. Obviously, urinating is your cat’s sanitary method of discharging urine, as it is for animals and people alike. But urine spraying is a behavior that has nothing to do with your cat’s sanitation; instead, it is a territory-marking behavior. Most commonly done by non-neutered males in a multi-cat household, urine spraying on furniture, carpet and other household surfaces is your cat’s way of saying “hey, this is my turf!” and to cover up the scent of other cats. The behavior is quite normal and natural, but it should be prevented if you want to keep a sanitary, odor-free home.


How to Control Your Cat’s Spraying


  1. First and foremost, have your kitty spayed or neutered by the time he/she is six months old, if possible. Mostcats who are “fixed” generally do not spray  However, spraying can even occur with neutered males and spayed females, especially if you have waited to neuter a male cat after he has reached sexual maturity; by then, spraying may have become a fixed habit to him.


  1. Attempt to restrict your cat’s view of the outdoors. If your cat sees another cat, it is his natural response to mark his territory, which just happens to be your home. Provide your cat with a cat tree or play area to refocus his attention from the great outdoors.


  1. Foster a positive relationship amongst multiple cats. When cats get along, they are less competitive, which makes them less likely to spray. Be sure to give each cat equal attention, play with them together and encourage them to sleep and eat together.


  1. Keep a routine. Changes in your household – rearranging the furniture, moving your cat’s litter box, welcoming a new pet to the family – can create anxiety for your cat. Try to keep the status quo whenever possible by feeding kitty at the same time each day, keeping her bed and litter box in the same location at all times, engaging in playtime at a regular time, etc. If you notice your cat has a problem remaining calm and stresses easily, you may opt to try a pheromone-like spray substance that is specifically designed to help your cat keep her calm.


  1. When your cat does spray, immediately and thoroughly clean the area to prevent re-marking. Opt for a product that contains natural enzymes that will “eat” the odor-causing bacteria. Some products merely mask the scent, which is not a long-term solution.


  1. Finally, if all else fails and stopping your cat’s spraying seems like a never ending battle, try to repel your cat with unpleasant essences or experiences. There are products available that can be used to keep your pet away from areas that are his obvious favorites when it comes to spraying. For instance, Pet Safe Ssscat Cat Spray is an automated spray system that detects when your pet is in a forbidden area and releases a brisk, odorless, harmless and stainless spray that may help disrupt your cat’s undesirable spraying behavior. Another Product, Contech Stay Away does the same exact thing, but also has a warning beep first.  Allowing the cat to move away before the spray of air.


While your cat’s spraying is definitely a nuisance, it’s not a necessity. When you witness your cat spraying or recognize that he has, take action soon in order to achieve successful results.




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