Why is your dog coughing? Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Why is your dog coughing?

Reasons Dogs Cough

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Is your dog coughing? Whether it’s a dry cough or a moist, productive cough, you should be concerned.  A dog’s cough can indicate that something is very wrong and if not treated, things could get serious, if not already.  A dog’s cough is one way to help him rid his body of bad bacteria and foreign objects of particles from his respiratory tract. So, what is at the root of a dog’s cough? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple as there are many reasons your dog may be coughing.

  • A moist cough may be indicative of pneumonia in your dog. Pneumonia is caused by an infection or it may come alongside another condition. 
  • Coughing and sneezing coupled together may be the result of influenza. If this is the case, a fever and other signs of respiratory distress may also be present.
  • A dry, hacking cough along with yellow mucous draining from the eyes and nose are the first signs of distemper in dogs. Luckily, dogs can be vaccinated to protect against distemper and if your dog has been vaccinated, it’s not likely that he will have it.
  • Sometimes a cough can be symptomatic of tracheal collapse. This dry hacking cough will mostly like coexist with labored breathing and gagging.  Toy breeds, senior dogs, overweight dogs and/or dogs that have neck injuries are most susceptible to tracheal collapse.  This happens when the cartilage of the windpipe narrows and weakens. The membranes of the trachea become inflamed as a direct result of the collapse, hence the cough.
  • A dry hacking cough that most commonly presents itself at night as your dog tries to sleep or when there is pressure on his sternum may indicate congestive heart failure. This is the result of an enlarged heart. Also, other heart conditions can show the symptom of a cough, too.

As you can see, a dog may cough for a variety of reasons.  You should always seek medical attention for any cough especially if it’s chronic. If your dog is the midst of a bout of coughing, it never hurts to quickly pick up the phone as they will tell you what an emergency consists of in this situation.  A cough can indicate a life threatening underlying illness, so always take prompt action.




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