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Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Having been in the animal field most of my life, working in animal welfare, animal rescue,

Animal Hospitals and now in the Largest NH Pet Sitting Company, I have put together a few

Pet Care Tips for every month, here is the Month of January.

Update Calendar

As you flip over to the new year.  Put reminders when your pet’s Veterinary Visit is due.  Include Annual physical, vaccines and Heartworm check (for dogs).  Do not forget to check their teeth.  Dental health should be checked annually.

Keep Pets Inside

Rule to keep in mind – if it is cold out for you, it is cold out for a pet.  If they are to be outside for any length of time, Please make sure that they have a full shelter to get out of the cold, rain, snow and wind.  They can freeze and get frostbite just as we can.  

Check your car/truck’s engine before starting

Many Cats, wildlife and other animals may try to keep warm inside a vehicle. Engines are nice and warm right after you come home and park.  Sometimes clapping your hands and speaking loudly may scare an animal away.  If you can, open your hood and inspect the inside before starting.  

Increase the calories

If your pet will be spending alot of time outside, you may want to increase food.  Keeping warm takes added energy.  

Keep Pets away from any puddles

Puddles may contain antifreeze.  It is lethal to pets and humans.  Animals can be attracted to it because it is sweet.  Clean thoroughly if you spill.  

Check paws

Check paws daily for chapped and cracked paw pads.  Use Bag Balm to keep soft.

Use a Sweater

Short coated dogs may get cold very fast.  Consider buying a coat or sweater to help.  Boots may be hard for them to get used to but may also be a good idea. 

Wipe Paws

Wipe paws, feet and legs after each walk.  They may pick up deicers, salt, antifreeze or other chemicals while walking.  You would want to clean that off before your pet has time to lick off. 

Avoid all Ice on Lakes/Ponds

Unless your know for SURE that the ice is completely solid and 6 or more inches thick with temperatures below freezing consistently for at least 3 or more weeks, do not even chance your life or your pets life.  

Be Prepared

Be Prepared for severe weather, blizzards & power outages.  Have a plan in place that includes pets if you must leave your home.  Never leave your pets, even if people say you will be back in a little while, too many times, something happens and that little while may be a day or longer.  Also have extra food and water for you and your pets.  Check out our Disaster Planning for You and Your pets for more Helpful ideas.  

Help Your Neighborhood Stray

Help any cats or dogs that may be abandoned in your neighborhood.  Many pets are left behind with owners hoping some kind person will take them in.  Or that abandoned female cat, has kittens and now there are feral kittens in the neighborhood.  If you can contact organizations to help trap them, they can help the animals find homes.  If feral, there are organizations that will trap them, make sure they are healthy, spay and neuter them and find barn homes for them or if you will help feed and make them a shelter, they can be returned to live out their life without having more kittens.  

Speak Out if you see a Pet in the Cold

If you see a pet consistently kept out in the cold, rain, snow.  Say something to your local animal control.  Document everything you see, dates, times, if you see anyone giving fresh water or food.  It could mean life or death to that pet.

Protect Horses Too

Horses and other livestock need shelter as well.  They need to be able to get out of the cold, rain, snow and wind.  To keep warm, they also need extra food.  Water needs to be checked often so that it is not frozen.  

Make February Reservations Now

If you have any FEBRUARY dates you will be away, especially for the February School vacation, please make your reservations NOW to ensure availability. 


If you adopt a puppy or dog this month

CONGRATULATIONS !!  Register online ASAP to set up Dog Walking/Mid Day Let Out so they have a break while you are at work and you will be ready when you may need a pet care visit anytime in the future.


If you adopt a kitten or cat this month

CONGRATULATIONS !!  Register online ASAP to set up Feline Fun Time, we can take care of the litter box and give then one on one attention while you are at work, plus you will be ready when you may need a pet care visit anytime in the future.




About the Owner/Author

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