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I’ve learned a few Pet Care Tips

Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


Having been in the animal field all of my life, working in animal welfare, animal rescue,

Animal Hospitals and now in the Largest NH Pet Sitting Company, I have put together a few

Pet Care Tips for every month, here is the Month of July

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Professional Pet Sitting Etc.
Pet Sitting NH , Pet Sitting Nashua NH , Dog Walking NH , Pet Care NH , NH Pet Sitting



July Pet Care Tips


  • Holidays – Independence Day – This is one of our busiest for pet sitting!! Please keep your pets safe from all the holiday fun, especially the fireworks.



  • Please leave your pet at home. The month of July is generally hotter and worse to leave your pet in the car – Many pet owners love to bring their pets with them on a car ride, whether they are going to the store or traveling. However, when the weather is wonderful and the temperature starts to go up, it can be VERY DANGEROUS for your pets. If the temperature is around 70 degrees, even leaving your car windows open about 2 inches, will increase your car’s temperature to over 100 degrees in a VERY short time. Since our pets cool their body temperature mainly by panting, when the air temperature they are breathing in is very high, they are unable to cool. Their internal body temperature increases and if they can not cool down, your pets will slowly die. My rule is if, the outside temperature is over 60 degrees, do not leave your pets in a car. To learn more – States with laws for pets left in cars, Dogs in Hot Cars, How Hot does a car get, Download Flyers . See June Tips for more.
  • Adding ice cubes to pet’s water can be refreshing to your pets as well as you !
  • Making ice cubes treats for your dog is as simple as adding low/no sodium beef or chicken broth to ice cube trays. Cheap Extra ice cube trays can be found at the Dollar Store.
  • Puddles, Beware – Pets will naturally drink more in hot weather, be careful letting them drink from puddles, they may contain antifreeze, which is colorless and odorless. It takes just 1/2 teaspoon to be toxic to your dog and it is 3 times more toxic to your cat. If you suspect antifreeze poisoning, take a sample of the water (may or may not be helpful to hospital), and bring your pet to your veterinarian as soon as possible.  One sign of poisoning is that your pet will act drunk, but don’t wait for this if you suspect poisoning. This symptom can appear within 3 hours, will last for a bit then will go away. Please don’t think all is okay, the anitifreeze has just entered the liver And is heading to the kidneys. Antifreeze causes kidney damage and the sooner treated, the less damage. ASPCA info on antifreeze poisoning.
  • Be cautious of very hot humid weather, pets cool by panting. If they are breathing in constant hot humid air, it will be hard for them to cool down. Know the signs of over heating/heatstroke – panting, staring, anxious expression, refusal to obey commands, warm dry skin, high fever, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, collapse. If you suspect over heating, bring into cool ac conditioned room if possible and cover with cold water soaked towels, call veterinarian. If your pet is staring mindlessly and heatstroke is suspected, it is a medical emergency and needs medical assistance. Signs of Heatstroke in dogs, Signs of Heatstroke in Cats
  • If you have a pet with very light skin, thin coat, they may be vulnerable to sunburn as well as a dark furred pet will heat up faster.
  • Keep your pets Inside – Whenever possible, keep all pets inside in hot humid weather, especially breeds of dogs and cats with short muzzles, like Persians, Pugs, and Bulldogs. These breeds generally have a harder time breathing then their normal snout brothers and sisters. Hot humid weather and very cold weather makes breathing even harder for them.
  • Careful when walking on the street in the sun – Keep in mind how hot asphalt can get in the strong summer sun, it can burn pads of your pet’s feet if walked on for short periods. Whenever possible, walk them on grass or buy special booties. Hot Asphalt and Dog Paws
  • Make your reservation Now for your August pet care reservation.
  • If you adopt a puppy or dog this month – CONGRATULATIONS !!  Register online ASAP to set up Mid Day Let out so they have a break while you are at work and you will be ready when you may need a pet care visit anytime in the future.
  • If you adopt a kitten or cat this month – CONGRATULATIONS !!  Register online ASAP to set up Feline Fun Time, we can take care of the litter box and give then one on one attention while you are at work, plus you will be ready when you may need a pet care visit anytime in the future.



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