Feed Me !! Kittens need extra nutrition to grow Professional Pet Sitting Etc

Feed Me !! Kittens need extra nutrition to grow
Professional Pet Sitting Etc


The Basics of Kitten Care

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Congratulations! You’ve just welcomed a precious little fluff ball to your family, complete with kneading, meowing, stalking, pawing and purring. Sure, your new kitten is bound to bring you years of love and fun, but before you get too cozy with Fluffy, make sure you’ve taken the time to learn the cat care basics.


Eat, Drink and Be Merry

There are not steadfast rules for feeding your furry bundle of joy; it’s up to you and your vet to decide the proper routine for your kitty. But, keep in mind, the kitten chow options available seem limitless, so do your research before settling on a food that may or may not be right for Fluffy. Cats need several different kinds of nutrients to survive: amino acids from protein, fatty acids and carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. Whether you choose wet or dry food, it should be higher in protein than in carbohydrates, which are not essential to your cat’s diet, but provide her with an abundant source of energy.


Side-by-side with nutrition, hydration is an extremely important part of your kitty’s health. Provide Fluffy with access to plenty of clean, lukewarm water and remember, milk is a no-no as many cats develop digestive problems with milk after they are weaned from their mom.



Cats may have the reputation of being a bit more bossy and independent than dogs, but they can still be trained. While kittens, like puppies, don’t respond well to punishment after the fact – they’ll associate those negative feelings with you – it is possible to train Fluffy to stop unsatisfactory behavior if she’s caught in the act. Try using a spray bottle filled with water to notify her of no-no behavior when she jumps on the kitchen counter, nibbles on your fingers, or chews on the newspaper. She will learn to associate the unwanted behavior with the unpleasant yet safe sensation and it should subside.


Litter Box Behavior

Some veterinarians recommend having one litter box for every cat in the house, plus one extra. Opt for a larger box a low entryway or a ramp for your itty-bitty kitty and place it in a quite area of your home. Clean litter boxes at least once per day; cat’s don’t like dirty areas, and would prefer to do their business on a clean surface (even if it is your carpet!) as opposed to an unkempt litter box.


Veterinary Care

Most kittens begin their core vaccines at around eight weeks of age, and healthy cats should receive routine vet check-ups at least once per year. In the U.S., there are more cats than dogs as pets, yet they receive less than half the veterinary care provided to their canine counterparts. Many factors that drive this deficiency abound, including the idea that cats are self-sufficient and therefore don’t need vet care as often; the cat’s ability to mask signs of illness; and even issues such as the hassle of getting Fluffy into her carrier can lessen her trips to the vet. Another popular reason for the lack of veterinary care for cats is their human’s assumption that, since their kitty never leaves the house, she isn’t exposed to the potential health hazards that a dog who goes outdoors faces. When you take on the responsibility of welcoming a kitten to your family, keep in mind the importance of veterinary care.


While there are so many other factors included in keeping your kitty happy and healthy – such as playtime, treats, grooming and sleeping – the items above serve as a good starting point for introducing your new kitty to her new home and positively contributing to her well-being.




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