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Many pet parents are under the false impression that their pet’s bad breath is completely normal.  In fact, if your pet has particularly horrid breath for more than a day or two, there could be cause for concern.  Your pet’s bad breath might be signaling something is wrong health wise. This can be true for both dogs and cats.

If your pet has bad breath it could be a sign of the following diseases:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Tooth abscesses
  • Mouth Cancer
  • Digestion Issues
  • Kidney Disease
  • Liver Disease

The first thing you should ask yourself is “Am I feeding my pet a high quality diet?”  If you’re simply not sure, your vet is a great resource.  Many pet owners have noticed a huge difference after they changed their pet’s diet to a higher quality diet or to a raw or organic diet.  We recently posted an article about feeding your pet a raw diet.  Check out our article and do your own independent research on what you are feeding your pet.  Find out what you should be feeding your pet and how to read pet food labels if you are feeding commercial pet food. Also, keep in mind that not all vets are schooled in animal nutrition and may not be proponents of a fully raw or organic diet.  If you find that you are feeding your pet a high quality diet and their breath is still awful, talk to your vet about teeth cleaning and/or screening your pet for the above mentioned diseases. 

Once you’ve consulted with your vet, you are feeding a high quality diet and your pet is not displaying symptoms for the above mentioned diseases, then you might want to consider brushing your pet’s teeth.  You can also try a few natural remedies to help eliminate bad breath.  Dill, parsley and ginger, calendula, goldenseal and myrrh are all natural herbs that may be used to help eliminate bad breath (check with your veterinarian before giving anything to your pet, just to be safe, also some herbs may be safe for dogs and not for cats and vice versa). 

Add a few drops of dill to your pet’s water to help reduce bacterial growth in your pet’s mouth.  Parsley may be chopped up and placed over your pet’s food or even baked in an all natural home-made biscuit.  Parsley serves as an antimicrobial but it’s nutritious, too!  If an upset tummy is the root of your pet’s bad breath then a cup of ginger tea may do the trick.  Soak a slice of ginger in hot water to steep, remove the ginger and allow your pet a teaspoon or two of the ginger tea.  Additionally, digestive enzymes and dental treats can be used to help eliminate bad breath in your dog.

So, as you can see bad breath is not normal and may signal a very serious disease in your pet.  Always consult your vet before it’s too late.  An ounce of prevention goes a long way! Does your pet have bad breath?  How do you handle it?

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