Group Obedience Training



We STRONGLY encourage EVERY dog and owner to go through an obedience class outside of our facility (we can give you a few to check out). Unfortunately, we are not able to have classes at this time, hopefully in the future.

Obedience is important for SMALL dogs especially.  This is because most owners with large dogs train because the dogs are BIG. Most owners with small dogs do not!! Why? Small dogs get away with many things simply because they are small and cute!!

GROUP obedience class for basic commands and then a second class for advanced control are preferred,  It is recommended, even if you think your dog does not need it. Your dog will learn to listen in and around other dogs and no matter what is happening around them, they learn to focus in on you.  It will help YOU and your dog learn a great base of communication and it will just be reinforced here at the Animal Center.

Obedience classes are the first step to helping your dog become confident and learn trust.

If your dog is nervous, has anxiety, jumps, barks, plays keep away when you need them, does not come when you call and more……an obedience class will help. No dog should jump on people – big or small.  Dogs can bark and alert you until you say quiet.  Trained dogs that understand what you want are happier dogs.

Keep in mind that obedience instructors are there to train YOU to train your dog.  It is important that you practice, practice, practice.  The more you practice the faster your dog will learn.  Take every day routines and practice.  For example at feeding time use the sit and stay command, then ok.  When taking them out, use the come, then sit and stay quietly while you put leash on, Then heel as you walk.

Obedience training will enhance your relationship with your dog as your dog builds confidence.

As your dog builds confidence, coming to the Animal Center in our program will build on that tremendously and your dog will have a grand time!  Happy Dogs are Priceless!


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