Meet Our Staff

Meet our staff at the

Animal Care Center of NH

woman holding a puppy

We have an exceptional staff of dedicated pet care professionals who absolutely LOVE animals. All of us at the Animal Care Center of NH look forward to getting to know you and your pets.

The Animal Care Technicians who work for us are EXCEPTIONAL

Not every person who wants to work with us is chosen.

However, those that are chosen and pass our probationary period of 6 months are SPECIAL.

Many work for us for many years!!

When they must leave, it is with a heavy heart and generally due to moving or family conflicts.

95% of past employees choose to REMAIN friends for with Dori and Rachelle!

Meet Our Amazing Pack Leader, DORI WHYNOTT, under our About Tab!  What a History!!



  • Pet sitting all her life !!
  • Grew up caring and rescuing animals with her mom (Dori)
  • Bachelor’s degree in animal biology
  • Certified animal abuse investigator
  • Animal Trainer
  • Wildlife rehabilitator
  • Animal rescue experience
  • Foster Mom to many furry babies

To keep you and your pets SAFE our staff are required to

  • go through our orientation process
  • go through our training process 
  • are on a probationary period of up to 6 months
  • MUST follow  policy and procedure Handbook
  • must sign a non-disclosure -to not repeat anything they learn about you, your family, pets or our company.  This is essential for clients who may be lawyers, police officers, judges, etc.
  • must sign a non-compete  – this means that our employees can not offer any of our services outside of our company for money/compensation while employed by Animal Care Center of NH/Professional Pet Sitting Etc. and for a long term after they have left employment.  This protects you from being solicited.  This is a reason for immediate termination and/or legal action.  This protects you and your pets from services without proper credentials, licenses, permits, insurances and quality control.  Employees and Ex-employees can not contact you in person, phone, e-mail, social media or any other means.

Not every person who applies for our pet care positions gets to become an employee with us.  The above set of employees are exceptional and have passed all of our qualifications.

This is not a job, this is a way of life.  Our staff must LOVE pets and put them first. 

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