Special Pet Care

Hate leaving your pets alone?
Hate leaving them overnight??Now you don’t have to, We can help!!


One on One Pet Care in your home

Also, see our page on pets needing medications, diabetic pets and more.

If your pet hates to stay alone, we may be able to arrange an overnight pet care  with one of our amazing loving pet sitters.

We can schedule a sitter to stay in your home with your pet from aproximately 9pm-ish to 6 am-ish. You must provide clean bed and linen, home must be safe and secure. This service is very limited, book VERY early.
Our sitters will do normal pet care for the night and morning with lots of snuggles in between.  All pets will be fed, litterboxes scooped, bathroom breaks and lots of playtime, cuddles and kisses – all night long!!

Sign up NOW, call our office at 603-888-8088 or click on “Client login” if you are already a registered client or click on New Client to contact us to sign up your beloved pets for our valuable Overnight Pet Care Service.

Click the New Client or Client Login button to get started!

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