Overnight Person for Boarding at the Animal Care Center of NH

Over the years, we have listened to clients and try to give choices, whenever we can.

Many clients have told us that boarding facilities in our area,  do NOT have anyone in the building overnight while pets are boarding.

We have found, some clients absolutely want someone in the Animal Center building Overnight when their pets are staying and others are okay if no one is here overnight, since pets just sleep.
This is the same with in your home pet care with our other business, Professional Pet Sitting Etc..  Most people are fine with their pets at home at night without an overnight person.

The majority of people we asked were fine without an overnight person no matter what service they are using.

In light of this finding, we decided to offer a choice.
For the people who really want an overnight person, they can add the overnight service.
For the past few decades, this is also an added service for our Professional Pet Sitting Etc. Clients.

We have had an overnight person for boarding in the past, however, due to employee shortages for every business, we can no longer offer this service as a courtesy.
Understand, there will be days that no overnight person can be scheduled.
This will mean that if you absolutely want an overnight person and we can not schedule it for part or all of your reservation, you will have to be okay with no overnight person.


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