Pet Agreement Accidents

This section pertains to In Your Home Pet Care

Inside accidents or bathroom area

For dogs that are allowed to go to the bathroom in the house and those that have any accidents in the house

  • Please make sure that we have plenty of pee pads, paper towels and trash bags.
  • We will clean up as best we can in the time allotted.
  • We will place the trash outside or in your garage to keep odor down.
  • If you have a strict routine, you may want to get your dogs ready weeks prior to your going away to only go out to the bathroom during the times that you plan on making a reservation.
  • We will try very hard to get to your home for any specific requested time, but it may not be possible and may arrive at any time during our time periods.

Why can we not do specific times –

  • It will all depend on where you fall in our route on any given day.  There can be times that another pet may need extra time because they are not feeling well or they have had a terrible accident or any other reason.  Or there could be a lot of traffic or an accident or we run into a very long train that will hold us up.
  •  So, you may need to get your dog used to going to the bathroom at any time during our time periods. We will try to space out your visits during the day as best we can, so that your dog is not holding it too long.

The majority of dogs never have accidents in our care but if your dog is not one of them here are some reasons why this may happen –

  • You are home during the day and your dog is used to going out whenever they want
  • Your dogs’ routine is completely different than our time periods
  • Your dog may have anxiety
  • Your dog may not like any changes in routine
  • Your dog may have a medical condition – bladder issues or UTI
  • Your dog has had accidents in your home before
  • Your dog is not fully housebroken
  • You allow your dog to go on newspapers or pee pads
  • Your dog is used to going outside to the bathroom more than 3 times per day.

Here is the guideline according to the Animal Hospital –

  • A good way to gauge how long a puppy can stay home alone without making a mess is to use a common formula based on age: Add 1 to his age in months for a rough estimate of how long he can hold his bladder. For instance, a 3-month-old puppy might be able to hold his bladder for about four hours.
  • At the age of 6 months and older, gauging this duration won’t be necessary, because from here on your dog will most likely be able to hold his bladder for up to NINE hours.
  • At night, dogs can go up to 12 hours.

If your dog has an accident  –

  • We will try our best to have your pet go to the bathroom as often as we are scheduled.  However, we can not make your dog go, if they choose not to go.
  • You may want to have longer visit times or add visits.
  • However, we can not be held responsible if your dog chooses to not wait for those visits.
  • COMMAND – If you have a potty command, let us know and we will definitely use it.
  • GATED AREA – Keep your dog in an area that is gated from the rest of the house, where it is okay if there is an accident, maybe a bathroom with tile floor or linoleum, something easy to clean and will not get damaged
  • RUGS – If your dog has gone to the bathroom on a particular rug at least once, PICK IT UP and remove it while you are away
  • CRATING – Try crating your pet, but if you will be gone for a while, it will be best to keep in an area
  • BEDDING – in case of a small accident in the bedding, make sure to leave us extra bedding and let us know where you wish for us to put soiled bedding
  • WATER – many people want us to limit water or to only give water for our visit times.  We prefer to not do this because all animals should have access to water at all times.  However, We will pick up the water to help during short reservations.
  • AGAIN – Keep in mind, We will try very hard to have your dog go to the bathroom while we are there at our scheduled visit, but if your dog chooses to not go, we can not make them.
  • If you wish for us to stay until your dog goes to the bathroom, let us know and we will add on time to accommodate when this happens (if we can fit it into the schedule)  or choose extended visits when making your reservations, most dogs do go in the time frame. This may NOT be available at all times.
  • We will clean accidents as best we can with water and paper towels only. We will try to get to all accidents we see.
  • We can not spend time washing floors unless you make reservations for extended visits to accommodate this, there simply is not enough time in a regular visit. Please leave  a bucket filled with your floor cleaner and mop and we will do this for extended visits after we use paper towels to clean up the accident.
  • Also, if your dog does have accidents at any time,  After you have been away from your home for any time, when you arrive home, you may notice any odors much more.
  • Unfortunately, we can not prevent an odor lingering if your pet has an accident.

Since we are not at your home 24 hours, we can not prevent your pet from going to the bathroom in your home when we are not there.  Because we can not control any pet from having an accident we are not responsible for anything that may result in damage due to any pet accident.

Thank You

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