Pet Agreement Medical/Veterinary Release

Animal Care Center of NH and Professional Pet Sitting Etc  Service Agreement

Medical Conditions, Medications, Diabetics, Fluid Therapy and Veterinary Release


GENERAL MEDICATIONS , Supplements, Herbs, etc

Clients must prepare correct dosages. If pills need to be cut in half, quarters, etc, or if liquids need to be measured, it is the responsibility of the owner to prepare each dosage so the Pet care technician just needs to administer.  If client does not prepare dosages and ACCNH/PPSE must prepare correct dose, ACCNH/PPSE are not responsible for any mis-measured dosage of medication, no exceptions. ACCNH/PPSE will not be responsible for any liability for medical/financial for any occurrences resulting in dosage mistakes made by owner or any employee of  ACCNH/PPSE.

Our preference is for you, the owner/guardian to prepare doses and place in a pill container or a separate ziploc, one days dose per bag/slot.

We will administer veterinary approved medications orally or topically.  In some cases we can also administer insulin to diabetic animals and IV fluids to those who may need it. Due to our time constraints, Pet(s) must be easy to administer any medications, otherwise, you may need to make other arrangements.  Pet(s) must not be aggressive/biting while administering medications.  If you believe that there is any possible problem, then a test visit will need to be done before any pet care can be scheduled.  This test visit will be done while you are not home or at our facility to ensure that the pet will be okay.  This test visit will be a cost to you.  If pet is uncooperative to give medications to at any time, owner will be notified and owner will be responsible to make alternate arrangements.  ACCNH/PPSE will not responsible for any medical/financial problems that may result from medication(s) not being given or if pet vomit/spits out any medication or if pet can not be founding their home to give medication.


Giving Pets Medications/supplements/herbs

Make sure that all medications are online in your pet’s profile and made on your reservation, remember we only go by what you put online for pet care.

For us to give any medication, supplement, herb that is NOT put in their food, your pet  –

  • Must NOT hide,
  • must NOT be shy,
  • must NOT be hard or aggressive in any way.

Keep in mind that your pet is used to YOU and in YOUR routine.

Your pet is not used to us or in a routine with us.

ALL Medications/supplements/herbs –

Must put in your reservation – in the drop down menu, choose

  • “medications/supplements given” (there is a charge for each given)
  • Choose the time and day in the pet sitting reservation
  • this is in addition to the pet care visit

We do give pets medications, and we want to ensure that this is done in a way that both pet and pet sitter have a good experience.

BEST WAY, is for all medications, etc to be given in food –

  • If at all possible, we would rather give medications in a food that your pet absolutely loves and just gobbles up both food and medication.
  • This can be in the pet’s actual food or in something like a hot dog, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt or treat of some sort.
  • It must be something that the pet LOVES and will eat, no matter what.


  • For all medications, please go to the Dollar Store or Walmart and pick up a 7 day container (or 2 if you are going away for more than 7 days) and place the medications in each container.
  • If your pets takes medications multiple times per day, then buy a container that allows that for each day.
  • You can do the same thing if you want to separate medications into a ziploc bag and label the days and times. Use one bag per dosage time – for example one ziploc would contain any medication given for Monday at morning visit, the second ziploc would contain all medications for the Monday night visit.

Make sure to cut any pills in correct dosages.  We will not cut medications.

Keep in mind, that your pet is in a routine with you and they may be very easy or tolerant of you giving medications.

In many situations, they are not that way with others.



  • If your pet is good at getting these medications, we will do our best
  • BEST would be to get these medications compounded and put in food

SHY PETS, pets that hide or are hard to give medications in any way –

  • If you have a pet that is shy or hides, we can not chase or look for pet hiding under beds. It is very scary to the pets and risks a pet sitter being bit (even if your pet have never bitten).
  • Chasing shy pets does not make your pet or the pet sitter have a good experience.
  • Shy pets also learn very quickly that we are only there for a short time and do their best to use up that time hiding very well.

If you have a pet that is shy but easy to medicate –

  • we suggest putting your pet in a room (with food, water and litterbox) with nothing to hide under or in, then we can easily get to your pet and give medication
  • If your pet becomes unwilling, then we may not be able to give medications orally/topically, and would need to put in food that your pet will readily eat.

SHY PETS that hides, are hard to medicate, or may be aggressive, scratch or nip/bite –

  • we suggest putting your pet in a room by themselves, with food, water and litterbox.
  • We would need to put medications  in food that your pet will readily eat at their leisure.


  • If your pet needs medications and can take medications in food but you have a second pet, then we would suggest, separating your pets.
  • Let the one who needs medications stay in a bedroom with food, water and litterbox, so they can eat all food with medication without the other pet getting into it.

COMPOUND medications –

  • If you have only one very shy pet and it is a pill, ask your veterinarian if it can be put in food or compounded into a tasty treat.
  • Many pets on thyroid medication can have the ointment medication compounded into a treat.


  • Whenever possible, the best thing is preparing food and medication ahead and placing in portion size bowls, covered in your refrigerator.
  • We will take out one portion for each feeding.
  • We know this is not possible for many medications.

For ANY and ALL Medications not given –

  • We are pet care technicians, we are NOT veterinarians
  • Unfortunately, pets can be very good at not taking medications, even spitting a pill out after we are gone or eating around the medication in food, therefore we can not be responsible for any medication not given while in our care or any problems resulting in medications not given.
  • We also can not be responsible for any inaccuracies of dosing
  • My own cat is very good at spitting pills out after I let her go. I have found her pill on different occasions in strange places around my home and I am VERY good at pilling!!
  • If you have any reservation about medications that may not be given or if you are worried about this, you may want to make a reservation to board your pet with your veterinarian while you are away

We will do our best with willing pets.



We do have a Protocol and it will be sent to you

  • Insulin MUST be pre-filled in syringes, needle up, in your refrigerator.
  • There should be as many syringes we need for the length of time you will need pet care.
  • You must leave Karo Syrup on your counter and Updated Veterinary information.
  • RESERVATIONS – diabetic pets use service, Medical Silver, Gold or Platinum


In some areas we do have pet sitters who are capable of providing fluid therapy to pets that require it.  Please call our office.

Reservations would need Medical Silver, Gold or Platinum

Any client making a reservation agrees to our Veterinary Release Form in its entirety

Veterinary Release  –

  1. In the event of illness or injury related to my pet(s), I hereby authorize ACCNH/PPSE as my pet care provider, to bring my pet(s) for whatever medical treatment may be required.  If my specific veterinary hospital is not available for any reason, or is not within a 10-15 minute driving distance, or the emergency should happen after regular office hours, I further authorize ACCNH/PPSE to take my pet(s) to the nearest emergency veterinarian hospital which can render assistance.  Client certifies this authorization is true and valid, and client authorizes Animal Care Center of NH and Professional Pet Sitting Etc. (herein known as ACCNH/PPSE)  to give the Veterinarian providing services, the credit card on file for payment or to hold credit card until client returns to assume full financial responsibility of any and all services rendered and client does not hold ACCNH/PPSE or any Veterinary Hospital or any employee, financially responsible in anyway.
  1. Client agrees to pay ACCNH/PPSE any fees involved for transportation and time. Client will release ACCNH/PPSE and employees from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and any expenses.
  2. Client understands that this release form will be in effect until they notify the Veterinary Hospital and ACCNH/PPSE of any cancellation in writing.
  3. Client also certifies that they are the registered animal’s owner, that these pets have never bitten anyone, are up to date on all vaccinations, as recommended by the AVMA, including Rabies by law, and all pets are healthy. If for whatever reason, the pets are not up to date on all vaccinations, Client knows and assumes all risks, liabilities, financials and responsibilities.  Client releases ACCNH/PPSE from all legal, medical and financial liabilities resulting from pets not vaccinated or due to any health issues.  Client further gives permission to veterinary hospital to release all pet’s medical information to ACCNH/PPSE.
  4. Client authorizes Veterinary Hospital, ACCNH/PPSE and its employees to approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian in the event owner can not be reached.
  5. Client understands they may need to call their emergency person to transport and stay with their pet at the hospital, if for any reason ACCNH/PPSE is unable to do so.
  6. Every time Client goes away, before leaving they will email their destination and cell phone numbers into our office and also leave these numbers in a note to the pet sitter and facility.
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