Pet Agreement Payments

Animal Care Center of NH and Professional Pet Sitting Etc  Service Agreement

Payments, Credit Cards, Tips & Gift Certificates


Client will pre-pay full payment for all services. We will charge credit cards approximately 10-30 days prior to the first day of services.  We do not bill or send statements/invoices.  Late/stop payments, returned checks, etc.  will incur extra charges, may result in loss of service and Client will be responsible for all collections fees.  Client will pay ALL balances due before new services can start.  No refunds will be issued in checks or on credit cards – limited refunds will be in credits for future services ONLY.  If for any reason you will need a bill/invoice, there is a billing fee.  Billing fees and all services must be paid with account at a zero balance before a bill/invoice is issued.

ACCNH/PPSE reserves the right to change any and all Prices at any time without notification.


We accept Mastercard and Visa, or Debit card with Visa/MC logo.

Clients are required to give a valid credit card at time of registration and will notify the ACCNH/PPSE of the credit card number, expiration date, 3 digit code and exact name on the card to keep in office file at all times.

Clients with credit cards on file, authorize ACCNH/PPSE by agreeing to this service agreement, to accept verbal/phone/fax/email/online reservations and to charge their credit card accounts for any services.

Client understands that their credit cards on file will be charged 14-30 days prior to services starting and for any non or late payments, returned checks, any late fees, balances due, etc. and authorize ACCNH/PPSE to do so.

Client understands there are added charges for any emergency care, services, long distance phone calls, any surcharges, provisions, extra expenses, not included in original payments, etc.

Pet insurance is available and you can read more about this under service descriptions.

It is the responsibility of the Client to keep their credit cards up to date and valid, if credit cards are denied, a credit card denial charge will be added.

It is important for credit cards to always be valid and updated as new cards are issued,  especially if emergency pet care is needed while we are pet sitting.

For any services scheduled ongoing during the month, credit cards will be charged for the entire month generally the week prior to the beginning of every month.  For any added services not charged, credit cards can be charged  before services begin or added to the next months charges.

Once a credit card is charged, no refunds will be issued.

For limited refunds, only credit for future services will be issued, NO exceptions, see below.


Any charge backs or reverse charges for any reason will incur an extra charge of 100-150

We are VERY credit card compliant and have had our policies approved.

All office approved refunds are given in credit for future service. 

PAYING BY CHECK and other payment information

We will no longer be accepting any paper checks.  If you wish to pay be check, you will need to use your DEBIT bank card with a Visa/Mastercard logo on it.

If you wish to pay with Cash, you must call the office to make arrangements. WE do NOT take cash as a rule.

GIFT CERTIFICATES, Free Visit Coupons  and Credits-

If you have any donated gift certificates or free visit coupons, write your name on the front and mail or drop off at our facility to arrive 14 days prior to your start date of services.  Keep in mind that only 1 gift certificate can be used per month and only a total of One Free visit coupon can be used per household.

Gift Certificates and credit for services that are not used one year from issue date will be forfeited and canceled.  No further credits/refunds will be issued.


Leaving tips are a personal choice.  Tips are ALWAYS greatly appreciated.  If you choose to leave a tip for your pet care technician, please clearly mark that it is  TIP.

We prefer that tips NOT be included in payment, however since many clients do this, any amount over and above due for services will be considered a tip.

Be Aware – Tips included in payments MUST be claimed by ACCNH/PPSE as income and taxed – whatever is leftover will be paid to the EMPLOYEE in their paycheck and they will be taxed as income.

Tips should be left as CASH, if you need to write a check, make it out to CASH, if it is another employee then the one named on the check, they will not get their tip.

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