Pet Agreement Snow & Weather

Professional Pet Sitting Etc  Service Agreement

Snow, Ice, Storms, Disaster, Safety & Pet Guardianship



Client is responsible to have all snow/ice removed prior to pet sitting visits.

Client must have friends, neighbors, snow removal company in place while away, to clear and make safe driveways, walkways, stairs and any areas you want pets to be walked (like trails, decks, etc.).

Client must provide a safe environment inside/outside of home for PPSE; this includes but is not limited to: clear stairs, halls, walk/driveways of snow/ice/debris, etc.

If Client doesn’t provide safe environment and PPSE is harmed, Client assumes all legal/ financial/medical liability.

Safety may entail rectifying anything or any situation that may harm or cause harm to our petsitters.

Client releases PPSE from all legal/financial/medical liabilities/responsibilities when owners do not provide safe areas.

Client assumes all legal/financial/medical liabilities/responsibilities from any results/problems/injuries from not providing a safe area for PPSE to perform any service.

Providing a safe environment may include but is not limited to: providing exterior lights, on timers or sensors so petsitters are not fumbling for keys in the dark or possibly fall over an object that can not be seen on your property.

Safe snow/ice free areas may include anywhere outside including if we need to go in back of your house, etc.

If our petsitters have to climb over snow, we may not be able to provide service or Extra charges will apply.

If our petsitters can not be safe, we will not be able to provide service.

Pet Sitter safety may also include areas in your home, such as fixing slippery floors or clearing stairways that are blocked with storage items, etc.

Areas include wherever our petsitters may need to go to provide proper care (which maybe searching for your shy hiding kitty)

Don’t forget to turn off and/or unplug the electric coffee pot, iron, or any other unnecessary appliance, such as TVs, etc and tie up the cords.

This will prevent damage from electrical storms or injuries to mischievous pets who paw or chew on cords.



Every effort will be made to drive to your home, however, if the roads become impassable or are not plowed, we will get to your home just as soon as we can.  Pet sitter safety must come first.

When we know that there is an impending storm, we will make sure to give extra food, water in case our next visit is delayed.

If you wish your pets to be contained in a certain area in case of accidents, please let us know.

We will clean any accidents with paper towels and water.

Please make sure to leave paper towels out for the sitter.

If roads become impassable we will notify your emergency person you provided within walking distance.

If you did not provide this person, then we will get there just as soon as we can.



While Professional Pet Sitting Etc. is taking care of your pets, and in the event of inclement weather, any natural (or other, such as a blizzard, hurricane, tornado, etc.) disaster, or any type of emergency, that prohibits safe travel or if Professional Pet Sitting Etc. is unable to provide service for any reason, we ask you, the client, to please, inform a nearby neighbor and give Professional Pet Sitting Etc., their name and phone number, so we may call them to check on your pets.  In the event of inclement weather, any natural (or other) disaster, or any type of emergency, Professional Pet Sitting Etc. is entrusted by you, the client, to use our best judgment in caring for your pets.  Professional Pet Sitting Etc. will check on your pets as soon as possible, when it is safe and resume normal service.

In the case of forewarned inclement weather, any natural (or other) disaster, or any type of emergency, food and water will be left in large amounts for pets and you, the client, will inform Professional Pet Sitting Etc. where to confine pets in case pets have accidents.  Professional Pet Sitting Etc. will not be held liable in any way for any damage(s) in anyway especially when incurred by pets, accidents, pets not getting medication on time, inclement weather, any natural (or other) disaster, or any type of emergency.  Professional Pet Sitting Etc. will do our best to make sure your pets are happy and healthy, but we can not and will not risk employee safety.  Professional Pet Sitting Etc. will make determinations from public notices and advisories.

Client understands and will be prepared in the event they may need to call an emergency person for any reason  anything relating to the house/home, snow/ice removal,  keys do not work easily or not at all, they need to wait for locksmith, to transport a pet, stay with pet at the hospital,  care if pet becomes ill, depressed, is hiding & can’t be found, pet becomes stuck somewhere, if pet is not eating, if pet needs more time, etc. This will include if for any reason PPSE is unable to do anything over & above original pet care confirmed reservation due to scheduling, liability, legal, financial or any other reason.

For our pet sitter’s safety – where ever the pet sitter needs to go has to be safe and free of ice, snow and debris.  Which means that you may need to ask a friend, neighbor, relative or business to come in while you are away to make sure that your driveway, walkways and stairs are safe from ice, snow and debris.  Areas that should be cleared are driveways so that sitters can park, wherever you want the sitter to walk pets, if it is in back yard then clear back yard, etc. Also, if you have any sand or ice melt, leave it by your door and leave a note telling the pet sitter that this product is safe and okay with you to use.  They will be happy to spread sand/ice melt on cleared stairs to keep them and you safe from ice.


When we have a power outage, snowstorm, blizzard or anything else, If we have no internet, electricity or phone, we will try to post messages on our business Facebook page, Professional Pet Sitting Etc, for you to see.  This is what we did with the Halloween Blizzard when we lost everything for a week. If we are able to contact a friend to post that all the pets in our care were fine.  So LIKE our Facebook page as well as our Google+ and other pages. Do not send messages through Facebook, we will not get them if we have no Internet, etc.



In the unfortunate event you become incapacitated (or death), while your pet(s) are in our care, please have a named guardian in place.  Please inform us and your emergency people, so that this guardian can take over pet care.  This person/guardian should be named in your will and trust to be the person you wish to become your pets guardian.

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