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Animal Care Center of NH and Professional Pet Sitting Etc

BE AWARE – We are in the process of creating essential policies and procedures as we open and find efficient ways to run our business things may change, so please come back and check these pages often.

We advise on checking out these sections as often as you can in the next year as we grow and create these efficiencies.

Policy, Procedures and Service Agreement

Main Page 

First and foremost, THANK YOU for registering with us for pet care services! There is NO comparison!  We are very organized to ensure our company runs as smoothly as possible and is designed with DECADES of experience.

There may be things that we do or do not do that are different from other companies.  This does not mean that what other companies do or do not do is wrong, it only means that what WE do or do not do works for us.  These are things that take into consideration the health and safety of pets in our care, or employees and business.

To help us provide high quality pet care, we must know as much about your pets and home as possible.

Any questions please call our office.

There are TWO registrations, one for Animal Care Center of NH AND one for Professional Pet Sitting Etc

We ENCOURAGE you to register with both companies.  That way if we are FULL with one company, you can make a reservation with the other.  This is important if ever you have an emergency or last minute reservation.  We can not accept reservations if you are not registered, have a completed file, and a credit card on file. We are a PRE-PAY company.

BY REGISTERING, filling out your profile,  and each time you make a reservation –

You are certifying that you have read, understand and agree to everything contained in all sections of our service agreement and everything in our confirmation emails sent to you for each confirmed reservation. It will be your sole responsibility to review all sections of our service agreement whenever you want to.

Animal Care Center of NH, here in known as ACCNH and Professional Pet Sitting Etc., herein known as PPSE, which includes business entity, owner, employees, & associates.

NOTE that some sections may pertain to just one business or the other or both at the same time.

Service Agreement Sections

Review Each Section by clicking on the link

General Policy, Pets, Home, Pet Care Devices

Snow, Ice, Storms, Disaster, Safety & Pet Guardianship

Pet Sitting Service Area & Office

Keys, Codes, Alarms,  Video Surveillance

Medical Conditions, Medications, and Veterinary Release

Your Pet Has Accidents in your home

Service & Product List for Pet Sitting

Service & Product List for Animal Care Center Of NH

Package Plans for Pet Sitting

Payments, Credit Cards, Tips & Gift Certificates

Reservations & Emergency Pet Care

Cancellations and Changes to Reservations

Waivers and Releases

Fee Schedules

     Animal Care Center of NH Services

     Professional Pet Sitting Etc Services

     Devoted Canine Dog Training Services

     Grooming Services


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